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10 Creative Ideas For a Winning Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up! Unless you’re one of the lucky few to have scored tickets to the big game, it’s likely you’ll be watching from home. So why not get in the spirit with some quick and easy decorating ideas to get you, your friends and your loved ones in the mood?

The focus will be on watching the game with friends and family while sharing food and drink. Putting together a memorable themed tablescape is one of the easiest ways to decorate your home for a Super Bowl party without having to make permanent, football-themed changes.

When creating a tablescape, anything goes. Build one on the coffee table, dining table, entry table, kitchen counter or a makeshift table near the TV. The point is to add fun decor to your food and drinks. Get creative: think banner toothpicks, yellow napkins to represent penalty flags, food decorated like footballs.

Here are 10 ideas for a winning Super Bowl party.

1. Choose Colors and Layer Objects

Go with your favorite team’s colors and build a theme around them. Or go for a vintage vibe with classic colors like green and brown; they resemble the playing field and pigskin. Use items such as footballs and vintage trophies to personalize the display.

2. Go For a Grassy Effect

Strategically place some wheatgrass or other type of grass (available at your local home and garden center) in your display to give it the look of a playing field.

Image: Live Pretty

3. Snap Up Some Synthetic Turf

Pick up some artificial turf at your local home-improvement store to make the perfect table runner or tablecloth for your party. If you’re extra-crafty, use white tape or paint to replicate the yard lines on the football field.

4. Get Crafty With Mason Jars

Paint some mason jars (or empty pasta sauce jars) using football themes; inexpensive tempera or acrylic paint will work just fine. Mason Jar Crafts Love offers the ideas in the image above as inspiration for quick and easy ways to paint jars for your Super Bowl party.

5. Choose Your Snacks Wisely

Wherever you decide to set out your snacks, think about the easiest way for friends and family to chow down. Offering food in small, bite-size portions makes it easy for your guests to nibble — and for you to clean up. Make the display interesting by using decorations such as the little foam fingers and banners shown above (often found at party-supply stores), and arrange the food in an organized but artful way.

Image: Celebrations

6. Take a Cue From the Refs

Most people think of their team’s colors, the green of the playing field or the brown inspired by the football itself when they are decorating their home for Super Bowl Sunday. Try something different: a black-and-white-stripe theme.

7. Chalk It Up

A chalkboard — or chalkboard paint on a wall — adds a fun and custom look to your party decor. Use it to cleverly show off your menu, or to have friends predict the winning team and final score before the game starts.

8. Decorate Bottles

The simple use of tape and ribbon can transform refreshments into part of your home’s Super Bowl decor. It’s not hard to add these little details to soda, water or beer bottles. And the whistle is a nice touch.

Image: Evite

9. Hang Pennants or Banners

Pennants have a vintage-fun vibe and are inexpensive and easy to make. Hang them over the TV, over your food area or anywhere more team spirit is needed.

10. Invest In Football-Themed Items

Keep a box filled with fun, football-themed decor to use every year. Look for things like platters and plates the day after the big game, when they’re on clearance at most stores, and store them in a “Super Bowl party” box to use next year.

Decorating your home for a Super Bowl party doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Take some inspiration from these quick and easy ideas, and have fun planning your party. You and your guests will enjoy your home’s ambiance as much as the game!

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