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Contemporary House Built to Integrate With Natural Landscape in India

Architecture BRIO completed the design of Riparian House, a contemporary residence located in Maharashtra, India. The dwelling is placed near the foothills of the famous Ghats riverfront steps and overlooks River Ganges.The top of a vegetated roof merges with the top of the hillock, hiding the house from the approach on the east side,” the architects explain. “Inside the residence one can enjoy the views to the north of the Irshalgad hill fortress and the sunset over the river to the west.”

A complex exterior design was chosen in order to adapt the building to weather changes throughout the seasons. The array of materials — Indian limestone, galvanized steel windows, bamboo poles — allow shade and breeze during the summer and provide a waterproof indoor environment during the stormy monsoons. “A screen of columns creates an ever-changing pattern of light and shadows throughout the seasons and times of the day, making the building a sensor of light,” the architects added.
modern residence (3)

One of the key features of the residence is a suspended timber deck veranda which surrounds the house on three sides. The living area connects to this outdoor space, which offers views of the swimming pool and landscape beyond. [Photography by Ariel Huber]

modern residence (2)modern residence (4)modern residence (6)modern residence (8)modern residence (9)modern residence (11)modern residence (12)modern residence (13)modern residence (14)modern residence (15)modern residence (16)

What is your favorite architectural element of this contemporary residence in India?

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Pyramid Cottage House Reflects the Icelandic Landscape

Located in the middle of Iceland’s famed Golden Circle Route, about an hour and a half ride from Reykjavik, the Pyramid Cottage House is an unconventional holiday retreat. The project consists of two pyramid-shaped volumes connected by a single-level entrance hall.

According to the owners’ description, the property was built to reflect the Icelandic landscape and complement the small vegetation of moss and trees in the old lava-field. One of the structures accommodates an open-plan living room, which combines the kitchen, lounger and dining table. Natural light is allowed inside through triangle-shaped windows, which give an interesting 3D effect to the spaces.
contemporary house (7)The second pyramid hosts the sleeping areas, with three small bedrooms designed on the first level. The magic happens when you climb the stairs and reach the top of the structure, enclosed in glass. It is here that you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings and the Northern Lights. The lovely wooden deck with minimalist furniture acts as an open invite to witness fresh summer mornings in Iceland. [Photographs courtesy of airbnb]
contemporary house (9)contemporary house (9,1)contemporary house (9,2)contemporary house (10)contemporary house (11)contemporary house (12)contemporary house (13)contemporary house (14)contemporary house (15)contemporary house (16)contemporary house (17)contemporary house (18)

What is your favorite part of the Pyramid Cottage House?

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Cube-Shaped House in Chilie Takes In Dramatic Sea Views

House D by PANORAMA + WMR Architects is defined by minimalist architecture and a dramatic location on top of a cliff, 215 feet above the sea. The project in the coastal village of Matanzas, Chile was especially envisioned as a holiday retreat for a couple and their son.

The 1,033-square-feet house has a cube-shaped exterior, with large window piercings that frame the views. As you step inside, you will discover an intricate layout, divided in two floors. The first level accommodates a single space for the living room, dining room and kitchen; in the back, there is room for a sleeping area and the second-floor staircase.
modern residence (1)The terrace on the first level is cut into one corner to form an L-shaped living area, while the second floor is set on a 45-degree angle, which creates double-height ceilings in the social area.

Even during extreme wind, the inhabitants can spend time on the terrace, thanks to its special design and orientation. All interiors are finished in natural pine and white plaster, for a spacious, inviting feel. [Photography by Sergio Pirrone]
modern residence (2)modern residence (3)modern residence (4)modern residence (5)modern residence (6)modern residence (7)modern residence (9)modern residence (10)modern residence (11)modern residence (12)modern residence (13)modern residence (14)

What is your favorite architectural element in this cube-shaped house?

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4 Modern and Chic Ideas for Your Home Office

Everyone has a different set of needs for their workspace, so many design ideas are by no means one-size-fits-all. However, that doesn’t mean that creating the perfect office space is impossible, far from it.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of creating a space that will allow you to work from home, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions that will help you create a home office that is equally functional as inviting.

1. Create Focus Areas

As you envision the design for your office, make sure to take into consideration all of the activities you’ll complete in the space. More than likely, you’ll need to incorporate a desk to use while tackling paperwork. But to complete a wide variety of tasks, separate focus areas can be useful.

In addition to your main workspace, think about incorporating an additional seating area for holding discussions or meeting with clients. Alternatively, if there are multiple family members who need to share the space, keep things organized by giving each person an individual place to work from.


2. Incorporate Plenty of Storage

Keeping an office organized can be a struggle for many. Especially, if you’re someone who has a tendency to become buried under an unruly desk, so it’s crucial to incorporate plenty of storage solutions into your design.

If you have the space available, cabinets or built-ins are ideal for storing larger items. Open shelving is an easy way to mix functional items and decor elements as well.


3. Choose A Neutral

One of the fundamental insights of color theory is that the colors that are chosen to decorate a space can have a strong impact on our moods. Blue, for example, is often interpreted as soothing, whereas yellow has been shown to elicit anxiety.

Since an office space is a place that you want to be able to stay focused, it can be useful to set big punches of color and the emotional responses they bring — aside. Instead, focus on choosing a largely neutral color palette that will allow you to put the bulk of your attention on the task at hand.


3. Accent With Personal Items

As much as it’s important to be able to focus within your office, it’s also important to create a space in which you’ll be happy spending time. Don’t forget to incorporate a few decor elements and pieces of wall art that highlight your personal tastes.

One of the easiest ways to do this (while still creating a cohesive design) is to allow your personal items to dictate your accent colors. Do your best to match the bold hues in those personal items and incorporate them sparingly throughout the room.


4. Bring In The Outdoors

Research shows that the presence of natural light in professional spaces has an overwhelmingly positive impact on employee productivity and morale. It only makes sense that these concepts would easily translate to the home office environment as well, so find a way to incorporate the outdoors.

Whenever possible, make windows an integral part of your design. Think about aligning your desk below the windowsill and choosing non-intrusive blinds. Additionally, don’t hesitate to include other natural elements into your design. Fresh greenery will add color to the space and boost your mood.

What is your best design idea for home offices?

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Old Dutch Classroom Transformed into Creative Family Home

An old school building in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was recently converted into a series of private homes. This particular apartment, designed by Standard Studio, addresses the contemporary needs of a family of five. “The teacher’s lounge was remodeled into the bedrooms and the classroom into the living space,” the designers explained.

One of the main goals of the conversion was to create an open-plan social space for the family to gather. At the same time, privacy had to be maintained. The kitchen, living room, dining room, work space and play area for the children were all combined in a generously-sized first level, designed for interaction.
Kitchen and dining room - creative family home Amsterdam
Storage is of essence when designing for a family with three young children, so “play stations” were created under the staircases to work both as designated play areas as well as an out-of-the-way place to store their many toys.

Large windows allow ample natural light inside and enhance the feeling of space. “Concrete floors and steel staircases kept the characteristics of the school but when combined with plywood, it resulted in a bright and warm interior,” the designers added. [Photographs courtesy of Standard Studio]
Windows in main living area - creative family home AmsterdamKitchen close up - creative family home AmsterdamKitchen and dining room close up - creative family home AmsterdamStaircase and front door - creative family home AmsterdamBedroom and loft - creative family home AmsterdamBed close up - creative family home AmsterdamOffice space with piano - creative family home AmsterdamDesk close up - creative family home Amsterdam

What is your favorite part of this classroom conversion into a creative family home?

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Twin Homes in Canada Frame Tranquil Sea Views

This family holiday home consists of two sister constructions oriented towards the scenic views of the Baie-des-Chaleurs in Canada. The project, named “Les Jumelles”, is an architectural insertion in the context of Caraquet, a historical Acadian Village.

“The sister houses, common to Acadian architecture, stand parallel to each other and are only connected by a glazed passage that acts as a working space offering a panoramic view on the sea,” explains the developing team at YH2 Architecture. The length of this passage offers a good amount of privacy between volumes, while also defining a sunbathed courtyard protected from the often violent winds of the region.
Exterior from roadway - twin homes Canada
Sober and stripped down architecture defines the two sister homes, which are located not far from the sea shore. The first dwelling, largely fenestrated on its south facade, contains the living spaces, while its twin, open on its north end, regroups the bedrooms and the garage. All interiors are minimalist with large windows flooding them in natural light. Wooden frames and furniture add a welcoming touch. [Photos courtesy of YH2 Architecture]
Exterior at sunset - twin homes CanadaGlass hallway extension - twin homes CanadaExterior corner - twin homes CanadaLiving room and kitchen - twin homes Canada

What do you think of this twin home structure?

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Home Renovation in Texas Unveils Bold and Playful Interiors

Dillon Kyle Architects completed the renovation of Bolsover Residence, an eclectic home located in Houston, Texas. To achieve a better layout, a portion of the initial first level was removed and replaced with a “buffer” structure that connects the kitchen and den to the the backyard.

“The main idea behind the renovation was to open up the existing space in the home so the original mass of the house could be appreciated and enjoyed,” the architects said. “It was important to keep the scale of the original façade so that it remains consistent with the style of the houses in this 1930’s Houston Heights neighborhood.”

Close up exterior with pool - home renovation Texas

Step inside and you will discover a design with a twist. “The interior is bold and playful, in a reflection of the owner’s creativity and vivacious personality,” the architects added. “Walls are saturated in an aquamarine blue and white color palette, and décor and furnishings are bright yellow, red and hot pink.” [Photos courtesy of Dillon Kyle Architects]
Aerial view outdoor patio - home renovation TexasAquamarine living room - home renovation TexasWhite couch in den - home renovation TexasRenovation hallway - home renovation TexasKitchen with living room - home renovation TexasBathroom - home renovation TexasKitchen from living room - home renovation TexasDining room - home renovation TexasOpen french doors to backyard - home renovation TexasMint washroom - home renovation Texas

Do you find the combination of colors and textures overwhelming or charming?

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NASA Orbit Pavilion Brings the Sounds of Space to Earth

With help from architects and the design team at STUDIOKCA, NASA is bringing the sounds of space to the public with the NASA Orbit Pavilion. Based on the concept of hearing the ocean inside a conch shell, visitors to the pavilion can hear the sounds of satellites orbiting through outer space.

The shell shaped pavilion is mobile to allow visitors all over the country to experience the trajectories of 19 satellites orbiting earth through the sense of sound. It made its debut at the World Science Festival in New York City in the summer of 2015.

Nasa Orbit Pavilion - diagram

The pavilion is made with 3,500 square feet of water-jet cut aluminum panels, and is “scribed with over 100 ‘orbital paths’ fitted together and bolted to a curved framework of aluminum tubes.” The speakers arranged within the 30-foot diameter interior space of the structure are programmed by artist and composer Shane Myrbeck to map, translate and broadcast the sounds of the satellites in real time.

“Surface perforations echo the orbital paths of the satellites, culminating around the oculus at the center of the sound chamber, while helping to mitigate exterior noise and decrease wind loads on the relatively light structure,” says the architects.

The traveling Pavilion’s next stop is at the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California in the spring of 2016. [Photos courtesy of STUDIOKCA]

Nasa Orbit Pavilion - ShellNasa Orbit Pavilion - CrowdsNasa Orbit Pavilion - Interior with people

Would you like to see this outdoor pavilion showcasing the sounds of space?

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