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Musing Over Marble: Top 5 Marble Accessories to Work into Your Space

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As years and seasons change, the trends come and go. Oft times when it comes to statement pieces it’s best to find a piece, a pattern or a color that withstands the test of time. One of our favorite accents that seems to be here to stay is the marble trend. After seeing the way marble can completely transform a space, we are beginning to understand what the Romans made all the fuss about. We are absolutely musing over marble.

Renewing its name on the interior decorating scene a few years ago, marble has transformed rooms, making its muted, chic statement in every form, from makeup brush holders to kitchen tables. Even if you’re not looking to re-adorn entire rooms of your home in the immediate future, adding marble accessories can rejuvenate any space in your home.

Several marble planters of the same size add an elegant touch. Image: vesselandvine on Etsy


The neutrality and sleekness of the marble against the live and organic quality of the plants form a harmonious pair. Coming in a variety of colors and metal accents, you can mix and match sizes to match each room’s surroundings. Try varying both the plant sizes and heights as well as the heights and shapes of the marble pots for an interesting display. We love these planters either clustered in various sizes on a side table or all in a row and on display on a window sill.

Here are some of our favorite marble planters:

1.Marble Terracotta Planter 2.Kai Faux Mable Planters 3.Marble Pot Planter 4.Marble Kitchen Utencil Holder 5.Bloomingville Pot Planter

Marble trays are durable additions to the kitchen. Image: Damernas Varld


Marble trays are one of the easiest and most versatile options you can indulge in. Trays can be set and used anywhere from the night stand or coffee table to the kitchen. They are sturdy and you won’t run the risk of smudges or feel the need to dust them every three days as you might with glass or mirrored trays. No matter where you decide to set these trays they offer up a clean and cool look while also lending a hand in making everything on and around it look much more organized. By the time you’re done with these, even the collection of remotes you’ve accumulated will look elegant.

Here is a collection of some of our favorite marble trays:

1.Marble Serving Tray 2.French Kitchen Marble Tray 3.Gold and Marble Tray 4.Marble and Brass Cheese Board

Marble kitchen accessories are useful and beautiful. Image: Crate and Barrel

Kitchen accents and utensils

Marble accessories can add the most elegant updates to even the oldest model kitchens. One of the great decorating benefits of marble is that it’s so versatile. It looks just as chic sitting next to a collection of copper pans or stainless steel stove as it does against an outdated ’90s stove in a college apartment. Not to mention the fact that marble is heavy and durable enough to handle the accidental bumps or spills that might occur while creating a culinary masterpiece. Adding little gems here and there like spoon rests or utensil holders will work wonders in updating your cooking space.

Shop our kitchen utensil and accessories round up below:

1.Marble & Acacia Cheese Board 2.Marble Wine Cooler 3.Copper and Marble Cheese Knives 4.Marble Fruit Bowl 5.Marble Bread Box 6.Two Tier Server 7.Marble and Brass Cake Stand 8.Marble Knife Holder

Small touches, such as coasters, add a lot of style. Image: Crate and Barrel


They say that it’s the little things that make the biggest impact in this life. And in the case of marble coasters, “they” would be right. These chic little beauties come in a variety of shapes to match your room’s mood. Whether you prefer things to be classic, octagonal and minimalist, or round and gilded, marble coasters are a simple and cost effective way to amp up any sitting space or living room. The prettiest thing you ever set your prosecco or Moscow mule on; who said coasters had to be all about utility?

Here’s a collection of some of our favorite marble coaster sets:

1.Marble & Wood Coasters 2.Personalized Coasters 3.White Marble Hexagon 4.Thirstystone

Make your marble table the room’s statement piece. Image: @globewest

Marble-topped tables

If skipping the accents and going for the larger statement piece is more your style, a marble-topped coffee table or side table might just be the way to go. Making the decision to buy a statement piece of furniture is sometimes tricky. We’ve all invested in that “piece of the moment” only to cringe over it a year later. One of the benefits of marble is that it’s timeless and versatile. A marble table will remain elegant even if the furniture and walls around it change a time or two.

Here are some beautiful marble topped tables that we found:

<img src="" alt="" width="550" srcset=" 1000w,×150.jpg 150w,×300.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 768w,×395.jpg 395w,×324.jpg 324w" …read more      

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Defining A Style Series: Industrial Design? The Perfect Blend of Old and New

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Industrial design blends vintage and modern styles. Image: Sobleski

Shop a similar look: Table | Chair | Crate

In the past few years, industrial design has become increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. The look is based on combining the best aspects of old-world charm with modern sleekness. In essence, it’s a perfect compromise. However, there’s one big misconception keeping this style from becoming a household staple.

When picturing these designs, we typically think of lofts with big open windows and lots of exposed brick. Those who live in less urban environments may feel they don’t have the right surroundings, that their living spaces are too traditional to really pull off this look.

We’re here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let us prove to you that every room can benefit from a dose of industrial style. Continue below to learn more about why this look works and how you can bring it into your own interiors. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to create an industrial design of your own.

Choose neutral colors.

Base your design around neutral colors. Image: Oliver Burns

Shop a similar look: Planter | Chairs | Pendants

Start with a neutral color palette

One of the first things you’ll notice about industrial spaces is that there aren’t a lot of bold pops of color. Instead, this style relies on using a combination of neutral shades to create a clean look. Keep this in mind as you choose your color palette.

That said, not all neutrals are created equal. In contrast to the starkness put forth by more traditionally modern spaces, industrial interiors tend to have more of a warm and inviting feel to them. This is because, rather than favoring black and white hues to create a harsh contrast, they incorporate a variety of browns and tans. Use these shades as your dominant colors with other neutrals serving as accents.

Don’t forget that natural materials also count as neutrals. If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with brick walls or exposed duct work, those should absolutely take center stage. Even if not, you could also consider incorporating a variety of wood, stone and metal pieces into your design.

create an open concept space.

Whenever possible, opt for an open concept layout. Image: Tradewinds General Contracting Inc.

Shop a similar look: Stools | Pendants | Chairs

Create an open layout

Since we typically think of that urban loft space as the industrial ideal, it is important to try and re-create that feeling regardless of your surroundings. If you have the square footage, go all in on an open concept layout. If not, focus on making the room feel as open as possible.

If you’re a regular reader of Freshome, you know this means making sure your design includes plenty of negative space. Instead of filling the room with lots of clutter, make sure its function is the focus. Keep any pathways to travel around the room as wide as you can and try to limit any purchases with pieces that pull double duty in terms of usage and aesthetic value.

Oppose wood and metal.

Make sure to juxtapose wood and metal. Image: 2id Interiors

Shop a similar look: Faucet | Cooking Accessories | Kettle

Mix wood and metal furniture

Industrial spaces are all about mixing the old and the new. One of the simplest ways to drive home this contrast is through juxtaposing different types of wood and metal throughout your design, much like in the picture above.

When shopping for wooden pieces, there’s a certain look you’ll want to go after. Instead of searching for new, totally finished items, concentrate on finding furniture that looks like it has a history. This weathered look can be achieved in a variety of ways. While you’ll pay a premium for it in stores, you can save by following a tutorial or combing through yard sales and secondhand stores to find hidden treasures.

Where metal is concerned, you have a choice. The finish you choose will play a pivotal role in your overall aesthetic. If you want the room to have more of an antique feel, opt for a brushed or oiled finish. However, if you want the space to feel super on-trend, polished chrome is the way to go. Additionally, remember that metal isn’t just for fixtures. In this case, it can be used for anything from shelving units to kitchen bar stools.

 Include industrial accents.

Include lots of industrial accents. Image: Beyond Beige Interior Design Inc.

Shop a similar look: Sconces | Throw | Lighting

Add in industrial accessories

This may seem a bit on the nose, but the key to cementing your industrial design is finding ways to make it feel as though you really are inside a turn-of-the-century factory. Since few of us are able to actually live in one of these sought-after converted buildings, we have to add in these touches ourselves. Accessories are a great way to do so.

By accessories, lighting fixtures that feature Edison bulbs, parts from factory machines, distressed leather items and vintage photographs all fit the bill nicely. That said, we suggest searching online to find design inspiration that fits your personal preferences. Anything that looks like it’s from that time period will do the job.

As usual, you’ll want to make sure to incorporate these touches in a variety of ways …read more      

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Single-Level Apartment in France Turned into Welcoming Duplex

This single-level apartment in the city of Rennes, France, no longer served the living needs of its owners, a couple with a young child. The inhabitants enlisted French office Studio mAAb to open up the attic of the building to create a double-height interior.

Moreover, the design team incorporated two wooden inserts and a mezzanine walkway into the space, thus turning the small apartment into a welcoming duplex.

“Clad in timber, the two volumes at either end reinforce the double-height reading of the space and generate a sense of suspension,” the architects explained. “The concept allows for evolution as one of the wood inserts can be transformed into another bedroom in the future.”

The two wooden structures create a space in between that hosts a work area overlooking the living room and kitchen below. A bedroom and shower are tucked away to one side of the common space, close to the mezzanine walkway.

We love how everything was kept simple, with the plywood surfaces adding a warm feel against the walls painted in white. Here and there, splashes of color add a personal, dynamic touch. Photography credits: Jeremias Gonzalez

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Top 10 Accessories to Capitalize on the Copper Craze

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Adding copper elements to your interior design is an easy way to bring your space up to date in 2017. Here are some of our favorite accessories that help you accomplish your copper colored dreams:

1. about incorporating copper into your interior designs in today’s post.

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Here’s How to Incorporate the 2017 Copper Trend into Your Interiors

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Copper is truly the hot metal in 2017. Image: Riach Architects

Shop a similar look: Pendants | Chairs | Sconce

We’ve already talked extensively about the style trends you need to know for this year, but we would be remiss if we didn’t take a second to discuss one of its breakout stars. When it comes to metals, the 2017 copper trend is unparalleled.

A welcome departure from the run-of-the-mill stainless steel fixtures we’ve seen for years, copper brings a fresh twist to spaces where it’s incorporated. Rather than giving rooms a cold, stark feel, this metal creates a warmer aesthetic that is still unquestionably modern.

If you’re ready to jump on the copper bandwagon, this post is for you. Use this as your guide for how to include it in the rooms of your home. Whether you use a little of it or a lot is up to you. Either way, we suggest you keep these tips on hand because this trend will be around for a while.

Choose neutral background colors.

Allow copper to pop against a neutral background. Image: Gulledge Homes

Shop a similar look: Pendants | Range Hood | Stools

Set copper against a plain background

It almost goes without saying that copper is meant to stand out. In order to showcase this material at its finest, you need to create a neutral background that allows the warm metal to really draw the eye. Doing so will also lend an additional modern tone to the space.

While all of the usual neutral hues — black, gray, brown and tan — are solid options, this is one case where a crisp white may work best. Consider using white shades throughout many of your design elements to give the room a light and airy feel. Remember that natural materials like wood and marble also count as neutrals. Consider including them to add more visual interest.

When creating a look that centers around one consistent color, it’s important to rely on your other design components to create differentiation. Be sure to include a variety of distinct shapes, patterns, prints and textures to help break up the monotony.

Use geometric shapes.

Try incorporating a variety of geometric shapes. Image: NettHaus Design-Build

Shop a similar look: Chairs | Table | Vases | Wall Art

Play around with geometric shapes

Maybe it’s because of copper’s history as the go-to plumbing material, but this metal shines especially bright when used in geometric shapes. Take the picture above as an example. Angular furniture, lighting and wall art are all good options for places to start.

That said, you need to take your individual style preferences into consideration. Some design styles fit better with geometrics than others. In particular, relaxed mid-century modern looks are known for including these shapes. Urban industrial aesthetics are also a good option. However, these pieces may look out of place in more traditional interiors, so use your best judgment.

Contrast different metals.

Consider using copper with different metals. Image: Profile Building

Shop a similar look: Sink | Flowers | Mirror

Contrast copper with other metals

Even though we’re highlighting copper in this post, that doesn’t mean it has to be the only metal you use in a room. In fact, this metal plays incredibly well with others. When combined in the right way, the extreme between two opposite metals can help add a luxe feel to your interiors.

When mixing metals, consider their color temperature. Metals like copper, gold and bronze are said to have a warm color temperature. In contrast, chrome and steel visually register as having a cool temperature. Be sure to choose one metal from each category so their undertones don’t clash.

In addition, to pull this look off, pay close attention to how much of each metal is used. One should take a dominant role and be included more heavily throughout the space. The other should be used sparingly, with the focus limited to one or two statement pieces.

Try copper accessories.

Add small pops of copper through your accessories. Image: Sculleries of Stockbridge

Shop a similar look: Sink | Pendants | Pots | Knobs

Try it out in your accessories

For those who are hesitant to fully commit to copper by including it in a high-priced item that can’t easily be replaced, don’t worry. Accessories are the tried-and-true way to dip your toe into a new interior design trend — and this metal is no exception.

The room you’re designing will dictate which types of accessories you choose, but there are plenty of options. Kitchens could feature a set of copper pots or shiny drawer pulls. Dining areas might include a copper lighting fixture. Living rooms and bedrooms may benefit from copper wall art or smaller décor items like vases or candle holders.

However, there is one key rule to making accessories look like they’re a conscious design choice: You must continue the look in several places throughout the room. While larger statement pieces can stand alone, if you’re incorporating the trend through smaller items, you need to use a few coordinating pieces to tie the look together.

Try copper in your interiors.

Let copper bring warmth into your interiors. Image: Kitchens By Kleweno

Shop a similar look: Range Hood | Stools | <a class="colorbox" …read more      

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Small Duplex in Poland Unveils Ingenious, Functional Layout

Poland-based Studio 3XA completed the design of a small duplex apartment in the lovely city of Wrocław, in the up-and-coming Nadodrze district. The 914 square-foot space consists of a three-bedroom, two-bathroom division that includes a work area and an open kitchen and dining space.

This stylish home exhibits a series of ingenious storage units and multi-purpose furniture solutions that make it extremely flexible. A plywood stairway in the middle unveils a built-in refrigerator, chest of drawers and small utility room. This way, all the clutter in the living area can be easily removed from sight.

A harmonious design makes the place highly appealing. “Elements were deliberately kept light and neutral, with white serving as the dominant color for the resin floors, walls and various furnishings,” the designers said. “Simplicity was highlighted with the use of plywood that provided a degree of warmth and served as a uniting motif throughout the apartment – functional yet decorative.”

The bold, black lighting fixtures complement the unobtrusive ceiling lights, resulting in a flexible lighting scheme. A modern outdoor terrace adds to the cozy feel of this Polish duplex. Photography: Stanisław Zajączkowski

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…read more      

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Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of a Bathroom Remodel

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Successful bathroom remodels take a little planning and forethought. Image: Juxtaposed Interiors

Shop a similar look: Sconce | Mirrors | Stools

Undertaking a bathroom remodel is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. For many homeowners, it’s a status symbol and one of the first times they can bring a substantial personal touch to their home. However, it’s a sizable investment, one big enough to make most people think twice before diving in unprepared.

If you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, but need some help figuring out how to do it right, we’re here to help. Use the tips in this post as a guide for pulling off a successful remodel and you’ll have all the tools you need to bring your vision to life.

Find design inspiration first.

Search out design inspiration to help you get started. Image: Designing First Impressions

Shop a similar look: Wall Mount Mirror | Mirrors | Vase

DO: Find design inspiration first

Every great home remodeling project — but especially those that come with a hefty price tag — must start with a plan. Before you start on the physical aspects of the project, like tearing up flooring or putting in a rain forest shower, have a firm idea of what you want your final product to look like.

To do this, use websites such as Freshome to find design ideas. (If you’re really unsure of how to define your personal style, our Defining A Style Series is a good place to start.) Remember you don’t have to strictly adhere to one particular type of design. Feel free to pick and choose elements from different styles until you land on a look you love.

Consider your budget.

Remember to keep your budget in mind. Image: Nina Farmer Interiors

Shop a similar look: Towels | Vanity | Sconce

DON’T: Forget to consider your budget

Once you have your inspiration in mind, it’s incredibly important to be realistic about your budget. Consider how much money you have to spend, as well as how much your ideal project would cost. Though it may not be the most pleasant task to undertake, looking at your finances will help you get a sense of which aspects of a renovation are most feasible for you.

That said, there are a few things you can do to help keep your project affordable. Get quotes from a variety of contractors before deciding who to hire, consider doing some of the work yourself to save on labor costs, and look for wholesale stores in your community that will let you buy the materials at a discount.

Stick to neutrals.

Keep your most expensive items neutral. Image: John Kraemer & Sons

Shop a similar look: Faucet | Sconce | Vase

DO: Keep high-end items neutral

Since bathroom remodels are such a huge expense, one of our favorite tips is to keep your high-end purchases as neutral as possible. In particular, we’re talking about things like tile flooring or shower design. Allowing these features to be more of a blank canvas will make it easier to alter your design as trends change and ensure that they have a broader appeal if you ever sell your home.

Keep in mind that including these neutral elements doesn’t mean your bathroom will be boring. Infuse your personality into the space through accessories, which are easier to change over time. Think about using a few visually striking elements like bold paint colors, mirrors, hand towels and floor coverings.

Don't forget storage.

Be sure to include some creative storage solutions. Image: Capital Closets

Shop a similar look: Mirror | Towels | Baskets

DON’T: Go without storage

If there’s one feature of a bathroom remodel that doesn’t get much attention, yet is still appreciated, it’s storage. Whether you want to store extra toiletries or a few sets of guest towels, having them on hand whenever they’re needed is an incredible benefit.

If you have the room, consider bumping out a wall to include an extra storage closet and built-in shelving. Even if moving walls is outside your budget, find an organization unit that fits in with your aesthetic. Doing so will give your space a polished quality that’s well worth the added effort and expense.

Highlight the shower.

Make the shower your showpiece. Image: Roost Interiors

Shop a similar look: Mirror | Sconce | Faucet

DO: Splurge on the shower

Just like any other room in your home, the bathroom needs to have a focal point, or a design element that’s meant to draw the eye. According to research by MarketWatch, luxurious showers are one of the most popular features among home buyers, so it may be a good feature to highlight. Think of it this way, you’ll get to enjoy multiple shower heads and heated floors now, with the added benefit of knowing your investment will probably pay off down the road.

Interestingly, the same research found that soaking tubs have fallen out of favor. Many feel they aren’t used often enough and take a lot of effort to clean. Consider skipping this expense, if your main goal is to eventually sell. That said, it’s also important to take personal preference into account.

Choose a nice vanity.

If possible, include an impressive vanity. Image: <a class="colorbox" href="" …read more      

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It’s Time to Talk About the Hottest 2017 Kitchen Trends (and How to Make Them Work for You)

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There’s still plenty of time to get in on these 2017 kitchen trends. Image: Michael Morris – Residential Project Advisory

Shop a similar look: Pendant | Barstool | Copper Kitchen Accessories

Designing a state-of-the-art kitchen is one of the top items on every homeowner’s wish list. However, many find themselves at a standstill when faced with the opportunity. Of course, you want your kitchen’s new look to be modern, ideally looking like it sprang from the pages of a magazine. At the same time, kitchens are pricey enough that you want to make sure your aesthetic stays stylish for the foreseeable future. Striking the perfect balance between these goals can be tricky.

That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of 2017 kitchen trends that are sure to be here for the long haul. Whether you’re designing your kitchen from scratch or incorporating details from an existing space, give these looks a once over. Pick and choose the elements you love and you’ll have the tools to create a space that’s both on-trend and timeless.

Use black and white hues.

Black and white kitchens are both modern and timeless. Image: Chris Snook

Shop a similar look: Hood | Toaster | Barstool

Go classic with black and white

Out of all the trends on this list, we love this one in particular because it’s an absolute classic. Black and white are a timeless color combo, so if you decide to work with this look, there’s no doubt you’ll end up with a look that will stay current for years to come.

As for how to pull it off, successful monochromatic color schemes are all about creating a striking contrast. To do this, choose one color to take a dominant role and then use the other in one or two statement elements. You could, for example, feature a black island as in the picture above or offset black cabinets against a white backsplash and countertops.

Additionally, make sure that any design elements that fall outside of the black-and-white theme also have a strong visual impact. Consider choosing metals like chrome that have a high-shine finish or even adding in a bold accent color with your accessories.

Remember clean lines.

Focus on incorporating clean lines into the space. Image: Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Shop a similar look: Pendant | Counter Decor | Table

Choose cabinetry with clean lines

Many of these 2017 kitchen trends center around clean, almost stark, aesthetics. Where your cabinetry is concerned, draw your design inspiration from commercial kitchens.

This means going as sleek and minimalist as possible. Choose linear cabinetry that features sharp angles and, if you really want to go all in, consider a model that doesn’t have drawer pulls. The simpler the better. You also want to keep this goal in mind as you work on designing the rest of the space. Look for furniture, lighting and fixtures with the same sort of architectural style.

Add in some copper.

Choose copper to be your statement piece. Image: Katie Martinez Design

Shop a similar look: Kettle | Cutting Board | Pendant

Add in pops of copper

For years, stainless steel was the only way to go when it came to designing gourmet kitchens, but it seems the tides have turned. These days homeowners are looking for something a little different, something to make their kitchen stands out from the crowd. Copper seems to be the winning pick.

If you decide to update the kitchen with copper, be sure to make it your statement piece. However, the decision of which design element should be featured is entirely up to you. You could include it in your lighting, invest in your cooker hood, showcase your oven or splurge on a farmhouse sink.

Regardless of which item you end up choosing to highlight, remember the finish is key. With copper, polished is the only way to go. You want your statement piece to shine as much as possible so it really stands out and draws the eye.

Try a patterned floor.

Bring in tons of visual interest with a patterned floor. Image: Saikley Architects

Shop a similar look: Pendant | Chairs | Hood | Counter Stool

Consider a patterned floor

As far as these 2017 kitchen trends are concerned, this one is a bit of an outlier. We think it’s still worth noting, though, because it’s an indicator of how tastes are changing. In contrast to your standard wood (or wood-looking laminate) that has a tendency to blend into the background, patterned floors are all about infusing the space with your personal style.

While the look of the pattern is entirely up to you, there are two factors to consider. The first is its size. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, big patterns will actually help tight kitchens appear larger. Tight patterns, on the other hand, will have a stronger visual impact.

The layout of the pattern is another consideration. Before selecting a design, look around the room to take stock of its angles. If the space is relatively squared off, you have lots of choices at your disposal. However, if your kitchen has some strange angles, stick to patterns with lots of negative space so you can cut some pieces without sacrificing your aesthetic.

Try these trends.

Don’t hesitate to give these 2017 kitchen trends a try. Image: …read more      

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Creative Wood Platform Inspires Childish Exploration in Massachusetts

Five Fields Play Structure is a landscape architecture project in Lexington, Massachusetts, that aims to bring the community together through play. Developed by Matter Design in collaboration with FR|SCH, the wooden structure is said to challenge the creativity and imagination of both children and adults.

“This play structure is situated on the sloping landscape of a mid-century modern common land, where neighborhood kids enjoy a shared backyard,” the architects said. The brief required a safe and exhilarating platform for the children in the area to spend their time.

The innovative playground is tailored to a child’s size, but still accessible to adults. It features colorful graphics that suggest entries, without necessarily labeling them. This leads to an interaction based on personal decision-making and discovery.

“Pre-conceived architectural elements like doors and stairs do exist, but lead to nowhere,” the architects said. “Thresholds are tucked under levitating volumes balanced on a single wall. Another principle of the design strategy provides multiple means of access to any location. These decisions produce escalating challenges for the kids; mitigating risk and ensuring the correct age-range has access to the more treacherous areas instead of withholding them entirely. Older kids climb over while younger crawl under.” Photography: Matter Design + FR|SCH

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Defining a Style Series: Modern Coastal

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We’re giving coastal design a modern makeover. Image: Carolyn Thayer Interiors

Shop a similar look: Lamps | Side Tables | Pillows | Chairs

Over the years, coastal design has gotten a little bit of a bad rep. This light and breezy style has become synonymous with overstuffed rooms and kitschy, dated accessories. However, that assumption could not be further from the truth.

In reality, this aesthetic is the epitome of simplistic elegance. Every detail of these rooms is geared toward creating a haven from the hectic pace of day-to-day life — and who doesn’t want that? When done right, even the most coastal spaces feel current.

If you’re on the fence when it comes to this type of interior, hear us out. We’re going to show you how to pull off modern coastal design like you’ve never seen it before. Trust us when we say this isn’t your grandma’s beach house anymore.

Use soothing colors.

Build the room around a base of soothing colors. Image: Kotzen Interiors LLP

Shop a similar look: Pillows | Throw | Trunk

Choose a soothing color palette

One of the best aspects of coastal design is its ability to make you feel relaxed. Whether you’re only a few feet from the waves or a thousand miles away, stepping into one of these rooms should make you feel as though you’re on vacation. The easiest way to achieve that outcome is by using color psychology to your advantage.

Start with a base of neutrals. However, rather than using monochromatics to create a stark contrast, focus on including more muted tones. Try sandy tans, off-whites and soft grays to create an environment that feels equally soothing and inviting.

Normally, we would tell you to offset your neutral foundation with a bold pop of color, but in this case, even your accent shades should be more subdued. Focus on pastel hues that have beachy connotations like aquamarine and coral.

Create a simple layout.

Keep your layout simple and clean. Image: Pamela Glazer Architect

Shop a similar look: Swing Lounger | Armchair | End Table

Stick to a simple layout

The layout is where modern coastal design really differs from its predecessor. In this case, rather than sticking to the overly filled floor plans that were popular in the past, embrace a minimalist approach that conveys a sense of modern sleekness.

To do this, allow the room’s function to be the star. When designing each room, make the furniture — whether it’s a large dining table or cozy seating area — the focal point. Be sure to leave lots of negative space around it so people can move comfortably around the room.

Keep in mind that, with layouts like these, the furniture you use is especially important. Since there will be fewer accessories to drive home the space’s style identity, choose pieces that are truly in tune with your coastal aesthetic.

Use plenty of texture.

Layer lots of different textures together. Image: Smith Firestone Associates

Shop a similar look: Seating | Pouf | Pillows

Play with plenty of textures

Where coastal is concerned, visual weight — or how the design elements look like they feel — is crucial. Going to the beach is a tactile experience (think about digging your toes in the sand or the feel of rocks in your hand) so you want to do your best to re-create those sensations with your design choices.

Start by layering lots of different textures together. Take the picture above as an example. See how the area rug looks like it’s woven, the wooden pieces seem to have a bit of a rough finish and the clayware appears smooth? You want to choose pieces like these, with textures that are visually obvious.

In addition, include plenty of soft elements. The goal of coastal design is to make people feel comfortable, so be sure to include plenty of plush cushions, throw pillows and blankets to make the space welcoming.

Mix up your accents.

Mix modern and traditional coastal accents. Image: Kevin V. Noble

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Use both modern and traditional accents

The accessories are where you put final coastal touches into your aesthetic. In modern coastal design, you want to stick to fewer accent pieces than you would use in a more traditionally coastal home. That said, don’t be afraid to blend more trendy pieces with one or two statement items that infuse the room with a hint of beachy nostalgia.

For an example of what we mean by “modern” vs. “traditional,” consider this photo. Traditional is the sign proclaiming “beach” or items such as sand dollars or driftwood crafts. In contrast, modern pieces include the chevron pattern, decorative lanterns and shiplap dècor.

Modern coastal design feels airy.

Modern coastal design feels light, bright and airy. Image: The Architecture Studio

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Over the past couple of years, coastal styles seem to have fallen out of favor. However, we’re here to tell you not to write off the seaside look just yet. Gone are the overstuffed and over-accessorized rooms that may fill your memory banks. These days, modern coastal design is bringing understated comfort into the 21st century. Use these tips to give your interiors a beachy style that feels unquestionably current.

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