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There’s a Small Bathroom Design Revolution and You’ll Love These Rule-breaking Trends

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Tired of your small, dark and uninspiring bathroom? Are you ready to finally give it an overhaul? Well, there’s no better time to give your small bathroom a fresh look. Small bathroom design is finally stepping out of the cookie-cutter bathtub, sink cabinet, mirror and toilet combination.

The latest small bathroom design ideas are fresh and revolutionary, rethinking what we all expect a bathroom design to look like. Wall-mounted toilets and sinks defy gravity. Cabinet doors are gone. Bold texture and patterns take over a small bathroom space. Get ready to break some rules and open your mind to what your small bathroom should look like with the following nine concepts.

1. You don’t need as much bathroom storage as you think

A minimalist bathroom in France features floating cabinetry. Image: For House

The first small bathroom design idea for 2017 is a big one: you really don’t need more storage, just a more minimalist attitude! Think about this one for a minute. Those large vanities with the deep cabinet space under the sink are really an inefficient use of space. Things get lost at the back of the cabinet. And the scale takes up so much real estate in your small bathroom design that your bathroom ends up looking smaller. So how do you solve the issue?

  • Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items. How many towels, cosmetics and hotel toiletries do you really need?
  • Replace the clunky bathroom vanity with a floating sink or cabinet or narrow open shelves. You’ll be less tempted to clutter your bathroom when the stuff is on display. And you’ll open a lot more visual space in your bathroom. Like this bathroom image:
small bathroom storage ideas -

A New York farmhouse gets a space-savvy update. Image: House Designers

Here are some of our favorite floating vanities:

1. | 2. | 3.

2. Instead of adding storage, add function

small bathroom organization -

This Paris apartment converts a small bathroom into a multipurpose space that includes a washing machine. Image: Bertrand Fompeyrine

Once you clear clutter and replace the oversized bathroom vanity with something more minimalist, think of all the useful things you can do with the space. Like adding an all-in-one washer and dryer. Or creating a vanity space.

Here are more ideas on how to add more utility to your small bathroom:

3. Small bathrooms mean you can splurge on finishes

small bathroom tile -

High-end stone and tile, a chrome towel warmer and exotic wood create a luxurious small bathroom experience in Rome. Image: Francesco Todaro

small bathroom mosaic tiles -

Brushed chrome accents and a combination of tile featuring inexpensive white subway tiles and expensive glass and marble chevron tiles create a visually interesting small bathroom. Image: Robert Frank Interiors

Some of the most expensive items in a bathroom design are the fixtures, tile and finishes. Since you’re working with a smaller space, you need less. It’s time to break out of thinking that a small bathroom isn’t worth the money. It’s time to splurge on making your small bathroom design look like a million bucks! Some ways to add more luxury on a little less budget include:

  • Choosing quality accent lighting fixtures
  • Tiling a stripe (or the upper half of your bathroom) in a more expensive tile or marble
  • Adding a towel warmer that doubles as a towel rack
  • Swapping your toilet for a new floating style
  • Upgrading to a glass shower door, which is the next small bathroom design idea

Here are some of our favorite luxurious updates for your small bathroom:

1.| 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

4. Add a seamless glass shower door to your small bathroom

modern floating toilets -

A minimalist yet earthy small bathroom in Barcelona, thanks to the reclaimed oak floors. Image: Roca

Here’s a small bathroom design tip that may not sit well with traditionalists: tear out the bathtub and add a modern walk-in shower surrounded by seamless glass. It’s a great way to save tons of space in your small bathroom. A seamless glass door may be more expensive than a shower curtain, but will definitely be more durable. Not to mention, it will open up the space and add value to your home.

Not ready to give up on the bathtub? You can still add a seamless glass shower or tub enclosure.

5. Go crazy with texture and pattern in your small bathroom

small bathroom decorating ideas -

Three-dimensional white tile adds depth to a small bathroom space. Image: Jasmine McClelland

small bathroom organization ideas -

A Scandinavian tile in a repeating pattern creates …read more      

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These 4 Eye-Catching Mantel Design Ideas Will Get You Ready for Fall

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It’s time to warm your mantle up for fall. Image: Assyrian Star Construction Inc

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We’re big fans of seasonally inspired décor, especially where fall is concerned. After all, who wouldn’t want to incorporate the same cozy feeling that’s inspired by changing leaves and a slight chill in the air into their interiors?

If you’re looking for an easy way to bring fall into your home, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled some of our favorite modern and eye-catching mantel design ideas. These looks are perfect for the upcoming season.

Take a look at the suggestions below. With just a handful of items and our design advice, you’ll have all the tools you need to turn your home into an autumn oasis.

mantle with reeds

Go ahead and bring nature indoors. Image: Cameron Stewart Interior Design

Shop a similar look: Pitcher | Pheasant Feathers | Dried Wheat

Try incorporating nature

While nature-inspired décor isn’t exactly the newest idea for shaking up fall interiors, we’re not talking about the cornucopias your grandma loved. These days, when natural elements play a role in design, less is definitely more.

In particular, decorative branches — like the ones shown in the picture above — are incredibly popular. Consider using two or three bunches, housed in decorative vases, spread across the mantel. They can either be used alone or as bookends to frame a painting.

Accessories based on leaves are another seasonal standard. However, instead of weaving a big, unruly garland across the top of the fireplace, try a more subtle touch. Wall art is an excellent way to do this. Consider choosing a few small pieces to lean on the mantle to re-create a gallery wall.

fall mantle decor

Put a new spin on traditional fall designs. Image: Cockfield Jackson Architects, APAC

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Rethink classic holiday items

Those of us who celebrate Halloween know the beginning of fall is a sign that spooky nights are just around the corner. Your holiday look doesn’t have to be fit for a costume party though. Instead, focus on sourcing items that can stay up all season long.

Use this picture as a guide. Rather than displaying a bold jack-o’-lantern or something similar, the pumpkins on this mantle are smaller and have a subdued feel to them. White pumpkins are especially on-trend, as are glass-blown options.

Remember that when incorporating smaller décor items, creating groupings is key. Whether you’ve chosen to concentrate your design on one side of the mantel or you want to have accessories on each end, try to arrange them in odd-numbered formations. These are typically considered more aesthetically pleasing than even-numbered configurations.

Vintage mantle

Give your fireplace a bit of vintage flair. Image: Becky Cunningham Home

Shop a similar look: Lanterns | Window Frame

Embrace a rustic look

A wood-burning fireplace is an ideal spot try out a rustic aesthetic. Think about it: the smell of smoke and sound of logs crackling in the flames instantly conjures memories of mountain cabins and cool autumn nights.

With that in mind, almost any rustic accessory is fair game. Look for items such as wagon wheels, mason jars and mirrors in antique frames. If possible, find accessories made of traditionally rustic materials like iron, burlap and reclaimed woods.

With these mantels, your best bet is to create contrast. Arrange your dêcor elements so they include a variety of heights and are placed in varying directions. There is no hard-and-fast rule for how to find the perfect placement. Use your intuition — your internal eye for design — to help you make adjustments until you’re satisfied.

Mantle trends

Indulge in contemporary trends like lanterns. Image: MTM Masonry and Chimney

Shop a similar look: Lanterns | Antlers

Consider antique-finished items

Fortunately for us, the vintage look back in style. If you want your fall-inspired mantel to look simultaneously comforting and in style, this is the way to go. This look is defined by pieces such as lanterns and antique picture frames.

Keep in mind the best vintage items come from their original era. Look for true antiques whenever possible. To do so, check out thrift stores and yard sales in your area.

That said, if finding accessories with history is not an option, you can always go the DIY route. Find similar items to those listed above and look for a weathering tutorial online. With a little bit of work and the right coat of paint — perhaps an off-white or tin gray — you should be able to easily re-create an antique look.

mantle design ideas

Don’t be afraid to give your mantel a seasonal spin. Image: Zak Johnson Architects

Shop a similar look: Candles | Willow Branches

The best designs are the ones that don’t stay stagnant all year round. Instead, they incorporate a few, small, aesthetic details that change with the seasons. If you’re ready to get your home ready for fall, keep these mantel design ideas in mind. By making a few changes to your fireplace, you’ll have the opportunity to infuse your interiors with autumn coziness.

In order to get you started on accessorizing your mantel for the fall we pulled a few of our favorite accessories together. Check out these great products below:

<img src="" alt="" width="550" srcset=" …read more      

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You’ll Want to Stay in Bed Longer With These Fall Bedding Ideas and Trends

When fall rolls in bringing cooler weather, it’s time to pull out your warmer bedding. Take your fall and winter bedding to the next level by adding some new items from this roundup of the seven latest fall bedding ideas and trends.

1. Velvet bedding

A rich blue velvet, complemented by platinum metallics warm up a space in time for fall. Image: Elms Interior Design

fall bedding ideas -

Pale grey velvet pillows and duvet cover work well with existing bedding in nearly any color. Image: ORA Studio

velvet blankets -

Layers of crushed and printed velvets on the headboard, throw pillows and blanket add a warm, luxurious look to this contemporary bedroom. Image: Nicola Holden Designs

The fall fashion runways featured quite a bit of velvet clothing and accessories. What better place to add the velvet trend than at the place you spend eight hours per night? Velvet is soft, plush, warm and inviting. A duvet, some decorative pillows or a throw blanket in a rich color adds a touch of cozy fall style to your bed.

Here are our favorite Velvet bedding and accessories to add to your bedroom:

velvet blankets - freshome.com1. Classic Velvet Bedding

2. Upholstered Headboard

3. Velvet Quilt

4. Luxe Velvet Duvet

5. Velvet Fringe Pillow

6. Velvet Drape

2. Cable knit bedding ideas

cable knit bedding -

A soft and oversized cable knit blanket in an oatmeal color warms up this bedroom. The velvet pillows in a warm rust color adds to the modern feel of the bed. Image: Alphapex

Cool and modern bedrooms -

A cable knit throw blanket runs along the end of the bed and some cable knit floor cushions give this bedroom a cool vibe. Image: Reed Design Group

chunky throw blankets -

Add some extra personality to your bed with a chunky, cable knit blanket. Image: Tailored Space Interiors

One of the freshest fall bedding ideas is the use of the cable knit texture. It gives a contemporary bedroom some whimsical and vintage personality, while keeping you warm and cozy this fall. You don’t need a lot to get the look; simply add a cable knit blanket or throw pillow to your bed.

Is there anything more cozy than cable knit? Here are our favorite cable knit products for your bedroom:

1. Knitted Graphite Pouf

2. Cable Knit Boo Pillow

3. Cable Knit with Faux Fur Pillow

4. Cable Knit Comforter

5. Cable Knit Throw

6. Twice Knitted Chunky Throw

3. Down bedding

down bedding options -

Layers of down bedding, covered in high thread count covers, create a fluffy yet warm bed for fall. Image: AAA Development

down bedding -

A heavyweight down comforter keeps you warm even in the coldest nights. Matching square Euro shams and a down bolster pillow add to the cloud-like luxury. Image: Studio Thayer

Feathers and down are the warmest bedding options because they hold heat so well. Light and fluffy, they also add a cloud-like feel to your bed.

To create a dreamy bed for fall, start with a featherbed underneath your fitted sheet. Then add a down comforter of the weight of your choice, depending on how cold it gets. There are many options of down pillows and bolsters you can also choose. Cover all with stylish pillow and duvet covers that can be switched out as you need.

If you’re allergic to feathers, there are down bedding alternatives that replicate the feel without the feathers.

Some of our fluffiest and coziest down and down-alternative accessories are highlighted below:

  1. Goose All Season Down Alternative
  2. Warmest Goose Down Comforter

  3. Warmest Down Alternative Comforter

  4. Feather Pillow Inserts

4. Quilted fall bedding

how to add texture -

Add a quilt and a couple of quilted pillows to update your bed for fall. Image: Webb & Brown-Neaves

fall bedding trends -

Layer quilted blankets and throws on your bed in different textures and colors to create a bed you won’t want to get out of. Image: John Lewis

midcentury modern bedding ideas -

The quilted pattern of the blanket is repeated in the throw pillows and tufted headboard to create a cool, mid-century style bed. Image: La Cantina Doors

how to make your bed -

When shopping for quilted bedding, mix and match the set in two contrasting colors for a signature look. Image: John Lewis

modern bedding ideas -

A geometric pattern is repeated throughout the bed, pillows and headboard. Image: FiyPa Architecture

One of the best ways to give your bed a warm and contemporary look for fall is by adding quilted …read more      

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Defining a Style Series: What Is Art Deco Design? A Study in Opulence

Art Deco design is a study in opulence. Image: HoneyBee Interiors

Shop a similar look: Ottoman | Mirror | Side Table

Are you a big fan of “The Great Gatsby”? Do you dream of the Roaring Twenties, complete with flapper dresses, swing dancing and everything in between? Then, you’ll love this installment of our Defining a Style Series. This time, we’re tackling Art Deco design.

Art Deco refers to the period of design that came into being between the two world wars. That time in history was characterized by previously unseen levels of technological innovation, as well as a strong commitment to self-expression. Details of both can be clearly seen in Art Deco interiors.

If these features fit well with your personal sense of style, read on. We’ll show you how to create an Art Deco look that stays true to the original style, yet feels appropriate for the 21st century. With our tips, you’ll be able to achieve an effortless blend of past and present.

Use bold colors.

Art Deco allows you to embrace bold colors. Image: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

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Embrace bold color

Art Deco design is not for the faint of heart. Opulence is the keyword that drove most of the movement’s aesthetic choices and it can be seen throughout every aspect of this style, including the color palettes.

When choosing hues for these spaces, there are two distinct routes you can take. The first is a relatively neutral approach. However, instead of focusing on subtle shades of your favorite neutrals, opt for saturated versions. Build the look around creamy whites, chocolate browns and heavy blacks. Then, finish with bold accent colors.

The second option is far less restrained. Some Art Deco spaces feature walls, furniture, floor coverings and accessories all decked out in rich shades. In particular, deep yellow, reds, greens and blues are indicative of the period. To pull this look off, limit yourself to three or four shades and incorporate them in varying degrees throughout the room.

shapely furniture

Incorporate shapely furniture into your Art Deco design. Image: InConstruction Services Ltd.

Shop a similar look: Armchair | Chandelier

Choose shapely furniture

Elegant shapes are an important component of Art Deco style. Most often, this is shown through the furniture used to fill a space. This aesthetic’s signature style hinges on incorporating pieces that set a curvy body on top of angled legs.

When choosing furniture for a room, the scale is always a consideration. In design parlance, this term refers to the physical height and weight of each piece, as well as how much visual weight it brings to the space. In other, more modern forms of design (Nordic design, for example) there’s an emphasis on choosing slight furniture to create a more minimalist design. However, Art Deco’s retro vibe embraces weighty, almost oversized pieces. Don’t be afraid to choose the scale that works best for you.

In addition to scale, finish is also worth noting. Since Art Deco design revolves around luxury, it’s not uncommon to see furniture that has an ultra-shiny finish. Look for pieces that have been topped with mirrors or accented with polished metals.

Geometric pattern

Incorporate plenty of geometric pattern into your design. Image: Alisberg Parker

Shop a similar look: Tub | Vanity Mirror | Orchids

Add geometric patterns

A bold, geometric pattern is practically a must-have element in any Art Deco room. The fascination with these designs is thought to have come about as a counterpoint to the lines used in Art Noveau, a previously popular aesthetic. Where Art Noveau’s patterns are notoriously intricate and floral, these lines are much simpler and more forthright.

If you’re looking to really make a statement, these patterns make excellent details on a floor, as pictured above, on in a kitchen backsplash. If you’re not ready to make such a permanent choice, textiles are another natural choice. Think about adding one of these patterns into the room through a rug, a blanket or some throw pillows. You could also layer one or two of these options to give the room a particularly luxe feel.

period-appropriate accesspries

Add in accessories reminiscent of the 1920s and ’30s. Image: Camille Moore Window Treatments & Custom Bedding

Shop a similar look: Bed | Art | Nightstands

Focus on period-appropriate accessories

As always, accessories are what truly cements a room’s sense of style. For those trying to create an Art Deco look, success is all about sourcing design elements that will bring viewers back to the 1920s and 1930s. Popular themes of that era included nude female figures, animals, foliage and sun rays. Additionally, artifacts from other cultures were also in fashion, especially those of Native American and Egyptian heritage.

You could also look for particular materials to drive home a room’s Art Deco feel. Natural elements like jade, ivory, obsidian and rock crystal were in vogue at the time, as were chrome and silver finishes. For best results, focus on pieces — especially mirrors, lamps and wall art — that combine two or more of these details.

art deco design

Art Deco design brings opulence to any room. Image: Jamie Herzlinger

Shop a similar look: End Table | Wall Sconces | Chairs

Art Deco design is a blast from the past. While this style has roots in the 1920s and 1930s, that doesn’t mean it’s too old fashioned for today’s interiors. In fact, its commitment to boldness …read more      

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Fresh Tips for Curating A Chic Hallow’s Eve Party

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As our day planners thicken on the left and grow sparse to the right, it’s hard to believe the year is, indeed, winding down. With the end of the year comes the season of celebrations and parties. First up: Hallow’s Eve.

To us, the autumn holiday season is barely complete without a blowout shindig on October 31. However, Hallow’s Eve parties tend to run a bit cliché. The various shades of bright orange, Monster Mash soundtracks and snacks made in the shapes of human body parts all end up feeling stale.

This year, we propose you try a new take on your Hallow’s Eve party. Dark and elegant color schemes, carefully crafted pumpkin arrangements and a few other small details are simple ways to give your Hallow’s Eve party a breath of crisp air.

Getting small pumpkins and stacking them or putting them on display with candle holders is a gorgeous way to switch it up. Image: LollyJane

Get creative with your pumpkins

Much like Charlie Brown classics, the nostalgia of carving your carefully selected gourds with the family will never die. For your Hallow’s Eve party, however, it might be time to rethink how you handle these festive squash. Pumpkins’ simplicity leaves much room to the imagination. The outside can be painted to match the theme of your bash, covered in glitter or calligraphed.

Pile on the pumpkins and squash. Be sure to include all shapes, sizes and colors. Image: Southern Botanical

The more imperfections on your pumpkins the more interesting they become. Image: Rikki Snyder

Whatever the vibe of your party, think of your pumpkins as a blank canvas and go for it. Once done, use them to decorate your porch or the inside of your home by stacking them or placing them throughout.

Black lace detail on votive candle holders add detailed flavor to simple glass. Image: The Sweetest Occasion

Lace and tulle

When planning a chic Hallow’s Eve bash the emphasis lies in the skill of balancing the day’s notoriously spooky theme with sophistication. For finding this happy medium we enjoy using loads of black tulle and lace detail.

Add a sophisticated touch to your Halloween decorations with Lace. Image: Martha Stewart

These materials are not only inexpensive and ultra-accessible at your neighborhood craft store, but are also easy to work with. Wrapping balloons in tulle or layering black lace under your table runners are examples of some sweet touches. Setting forth minimal effort with these sheer materials transforms each room and makes you feel like the party-planning-maven you didn’t know you could be.

The season’s deepest hues are perfect for centerpieces. Image: KreativelyKrafted on Etsy

Dark florals

Deep red roses and even dyed blooms are encouraged. What we love about dark florals is the contrast of the softness of the petals with the deep tints. Keeping your flower arrangements dark adds that fairy tale ambiance to your party.

Something else to keep in mind while shopping and planning your shadowy-petaled arrangements: your color scheme. While we are partial to the black and gold look, there are also several other schemes to work with. Get creative with burgundy, whites, greys and metal tones.

Adding golden skulls to a centerpiece are a subtly spooky way to celebrate the holiday. Image: Inspired by This

Skulls encouraged

Skulls happen to be a weird hybrid in terms of decoration and fashion. They are morbid if you think about them for too long, but they’re also on trend. Decorating for your Hallow’s Eve party is easier if you can get on board with them.

Skulls, candles and a desolate black and white image make for spooky Halloween decor. Image: Focal Point Styling

Use anything from skull place cards on the table to small trinkets to decorate your tables and entry way, and give each space a small touch that reinforces the spookiness of the holiday. Try using glass skull sculptures as part of your centerpieces or even give small skull paperweights as party favors.

Dark-tinted wax contrasted with golden candlestick holders is an elegant way to set the mood lighting. Image: Afloral

Long candlesticks

Candlelight adds both elegance and spookiness. Combine tapers with tall candlesticks and you have the perfect way to light your evening. We suggest using various heights of candlestick holders for a look that draws the eye and keeps things interesting. Still want something a little different? Try candles or candlestick holders in a variety of colors.

Tall and tapered candles, especially in dark candlestick holders are a great addition to your Halloween decor. Image: Amy Lau Design

The highlight of the holiday season is getting to spend it with those friends and family we love and haven’t seen in too long. This season, make your Hallow’s Eve one to remember by putting your elegant twist on the classics and pulling out all of the (surprisingly simple) stops.

Here are some of our favorite Hallow’s Eve decor ideas to take your party to the next level:

<img src="" alt="" width="550" srcset=" 1000w,×150.jpg 150w,×300.jpg 300w,×768.jpg …read more      

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We Asked Interior Designers: What Small Changes Make the Biggest Difference?

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Give your rooms a fresh look with these designers’ best tips. Image: Catherine Staples Interiors

Shop a similar look: Candlesticks | Ottoman | Dining Chair Slipcover | Table Lamp

Sometimes interiors need change. Whether your style feels a little too outdated or your tastes have changed, making over the rooms in your home is a great way to give yourself a fresh start. However, for most of us, taking on the cost of a complete redesign is not always feasible, even if an update is sorely needed.

With that in mind, we called in the pros. We asked top interior designers to share their best tips on which small design changes make a big difference. Keep reading to learn how you can make a huge impact on your home without breaking the bank.

Bold accent wall

Go bold with your accent wall. Image: LMB Interiors

Shop a similar look: Pillows | Table Lamps | Side Tables

1. Add an accent wall

“To drastically change the look and feel of a room without spending a lot of money, paint an accent wall,” advises Todd W. G. Corder, the founder of Deja vu Decor. “A pop of color will instantly draw the eye and is a great way to liven up a room with no more than the cost of a can of paint.”

Where accent walls are concerned, there are a few details to keep in mind. The first is placement. Technically, any wall can be used as an accent, but it really should highlight your focal point. In living rooms, this can mean placing the accenting color around a mantle or some built-in shelving. In bedrooms, by the headboard is best.

Aesthetics are the other consideration. A bright paint color certainly does the job, but it’s not the only option. Darker neutrals like black or chocolate brown serve the same purpose. Contrasting materials can also be used. Wallpaper is an excellent choice, as is a patterned tile or even wood paneling.

Vary texture

Use texture to add visual interest. Image: Thomas Towne Reavey Inc.

Shop a similar look: Throw Pillows | Coffee Table | Throw Blanket

2. Vary the texture of accessories

“Texturizing a room is a game changer. Accent pillows in varying fabrics and shades can add another layer of depth to a room. Another opportunity to add texture is through the materials that your accessories are made from. Consider using metals, woven baskets and blankets,” says Dawn Stafford, the owner of Gathering Souls, a concierge design service in Fairfax, VA.

Conceptually, texture can be a bit hard to pin down. The best way to think of it is by evaluating how an item looks like it feels. Take the picture above, for example. Consider how you’re easily able to tell that the surface of the coffee table feels rough, while the blanket on the couch is soft.

Successful interior design is all about layering these contrasts. When you’re sprucing up a room on a budget, take stock of the textures in the accessories you already own. Then, look for additional items that would serve as their opposite. If need be, consider moving your existing accessories to different rooms as a way of giving your home an update that’s free of charge.

layer lighting

Include various types of lighting. Image: Black and Milk

Shop a similar look: Floor Lamp | Pendant

3. Re-evaluate lighting

“You’ll need lighting in all the corners of the room; try to avoid just one ceiling light,” says Sarah Elsley, the voice behind Dream of Home. “Use wall lights and floor lights together, so the lighting isn’t concentrated to one place and spreads in an even glow around the room.”

There are four distinct types of lighting you can incorporate into a space. They are:

  • Natural: Any light that comes into your home from the outside via doors and windows.
  • Ambient: Light meant to illuminate the entire room, usually from an overhead source.
  • Accent: A light source that’s meant to highlight a particular feature of the room.
  • Task: Lighting used for a specific purpose, such as desk lamps or reading lights.

Ideally, a room involves a combination of these light sources. Take stock of the lighting you have in place and then look for which types are missing. Fill in the gaps where needed and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference you’ll see.

style your surfaces

Styled surfaces give your home a curated look. Image: Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör

Shop a similar look: Side Tables | Vase | Throw Pillows

4. Give surfaces deliberate style

“Coffee tables, side boards and bookshelves scream to be styled. It is amazing what you can pull together from the items in your own home. No need to go shopping for knickknacks; try shopping in your home first,” suggests Ana Cummings, the owner of ANA Interiors.

Pulling off this tip is all about having the arrangement look intentional. In all honesty, the items you put on these surfaces aren’t as important as how you display them. Do your best to lay out your items in groupings, stick to odd numbers and be sure to vary the pieces in terms of their direction, size and color. If need be, you can always look for some design inspiration to help you get started.

<img src="" alt="small design changes" width="550" srcset=" 1006w,×191.jpg 300w,×490.jpg 768w,×383.jpg 600w" …read more      

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Tuscan Countryside Villa Wraps Minimalism in Warmth

Rachele Biancalani Studio in collaboration with technician Matteo Bonechi completed the design of First Love Villa, a family retreat in the Tuscan countryside, between Florence and Arezzo, Italy. The owners, a couple with a young son, wanted a home that was modern yet highly welcoming.

The designers achieved this by using warm colors and finishing materials throughout the villa. “The sophisticated taste for design objects has been met with the choice of furnishings and lighting fixtures of the highest quality brands such as Lake, Midj, Ernesto Meda, Flos, Kartell and Foscarini that find space in this minimal interior but with enveloping heat,” Biancalani said.

The open-space living environment includes four functional spaces: a reading corner with a comfortable armchair; a large dining table for six; a living room with modular slide sofa by Daniele Lago, TV area and fireplace; and finally the kitchen at a lower level that is reached by descending a couple of steps. Exposed wooden beams and walnut flooring make the social spaces feel inviting.

The bedroom is fully furnished with Lago furnishings; the custom headboard integrates strip lighting for a modern touch. The symmetry of the room is enriched by twin drawer units, which are not identical in form. A transparent bronze glass sliding door separates the walk-in closet area. Photography by Thomas Dell’Agnello and Rachele Biancalani Studio.

The post Tuscan Countryside Villa Wraps Minimalism in Warmth appeared first on

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’80s Bungalow Converted into Family Beach House in Sydney

This waterfront villa in Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia, was recently transformed from an ’80s bungalow into an inviting family retreat. Alexander & Co Architects aimed for better circulation inside the building, corridors with a view and access to the water.

“The dwelling, pushed back from the water’s edge, presented challenges, due to this lack of physical connection that was evident in neighboring properties,” the architects said. “The core idea focused on neutralizing the exterior in a way that fits in with the landscape to avoid detracting from the beauty of the surrounding context.”

Light and breezy, the interiors pay tribute to coastal design, while being highly contemporary. Wood finishes and graphic art paintings make you feel welcome when stepping inside this beach house. The floor-to-ceiling windows flood the rooms in natural light.

“The garden was refined, designed with proportion in mind in order to achieve a sense of privacy as well as maximize use of amenities for the client,” the architects added. “The large-scale opening explored opportunity for external living and dining, an integral aspect to the client brief addressing the need for entertaining spaces, essential for a home away from home.”

The new garden space offers the much needed indoor/outdoor connection the old bungalow lacked. Have a look at the photos and let us know what you think! Photography by Felix Forest.

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of a Kitchen Remodel

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Consider these tips before starting your kitchen remodel. Image: Change & Co

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You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have a dream-worthy kitchen remodel in mind. Most of us long for the day when we’ll finally be able to customize our cooking spaces. However, when that day finally arrives, doing so can feel like a Herculean task. There are so many unknowns: How do you even start something like this? Which improvements will appeal to buyers down the road?

If you’ve been asking yourself similar questions, this post is for you. We’ve compiled the essential do’s and don’ts of a successful kitchen remodel. Consider this your outline while planning your project and keep it on hand once the renovations are underway. Our tips will help you design a space that will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

Think about layout.

Think about how you need your kitchen to function from day to day. Image: Going Home To Roost

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DO: Consider how you’ll use the space

When most people think about a kitchen remodel, they have a similar finished product in mind: professional-grade stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and a huge island. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with this vision, it’s important to keep in mind that it isn’t your only option. Rather than just meeting the status quo, consider how your family will actually use the kitchen.

Maybe your kids do their homework there and you’d like a desk to be included in the design? Maybe you entertain often and need a long dining table to accommodate guests? Whatever your personal needs, make sure they’re a part of your design plan.

Consider your budget.

Remember to keep your budget in mind. Image: James Woodford Design

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DON’T: Neglect your budget

This is true for all remodeling projects, but it’s especially important where kitchens are concerned. The average remodel costs thousands, so you need to make sure you’re spending your money wisely. As you design your ideal space, make two lists — a must-have list and a wish list. Then, price out each of your desired projects and compare them to your budget. The lists will give you a clearer idea of where to invest the bulk of your money and where to try and save.

There are many things you can do to make your remodel more affordable. Consider refacing cabinets rather than having them fully replaced or purchasing your appliance package from a wholesale supplier. If you’re working with a truly limited budget, simply replacing drawer pulls and fixtures is often enough to give the room a fresh look.

Double-check the layout.

Double-check the layout before committing to a design. Image: Habitations Residential Design Group

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DO: Pay special attention to the layout

The layout is a crucial element of a kitchen remodel, yet it is one of the most overlooked. It won’t matter how nice your new refrigerator is if you’re unable to open it fully because your countertop gets in the way. To ensure your new space functions the way it’s supposed to, hire a contractor who will help you draw up a working layout.

However, if you’re going the DIY route — or even if you just need a little reassurance — we recommend previewing the layout before committing to any purchases. To do this, collect the measurements of all the design elements you’re hoping to include in the space. Then, set out a corresponding length of string to give yourself an idea of how much room each element will take up. As you’re considering how each piece will fit together, be sure to include extra space for walkways.

Always account for storage. Image: Kitchen Interiors

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DON’T: Forget about storage

Kitchens are often one of the most overstuffed spaces in a home. Between cooking equipment and food storage, homeowners often find that they don’t have enough space to store what they need. If you’re going to spend the money on a remodel, be certain you include storage options that are both functional and stylish.

When undertaking this task, the first thing you’ll need to do is take stock of your current inventory. Be honest with yourself about which items you want on hand and which only get used on special occasions. Then, brainstorm options for how to store these items as effectively as possible. For example, you may want to include a cabinet for pots and pans next to the stove or include a pantry that will allow easy access to after-school snacks.

Remember lighting.

Keep lighting in mind. Image: Margaret Wright Photography

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DO: Make sure there’s enough lighting

There are so many visual components to cooking a meal — chopping up ingredients, measuring them out, reading the stove temperature. The last thing you want is to attempt any of these while squinting for more light. For this reason, kitchen lighting is one occasion where more really is more.

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