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What to Expect When Working with an Interior Designer: A First-Timer’s Guide

You should ask several questions before working with an interior designer for the first time. Image: Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

Working with an interior designer is a positive — and dare we say game-changing — experience for many. However, if you haven’t done it before, the idea of hiring someone to undertake this task can feel intimidating. That is, if you don’t know what to expect from the process.

With that in mind, we’ve created a first-timer’s guide to hiring an interior designer. If you think you’re ready to take the plunge, please continue. We’ve outlined what you need to know to determine if going the professionally designed route is right for you.

realistic expectations

Set your expectations realistically. Image: Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

Have realistic expectations

Most designers will tell you that, as much as we all love to watch home design shows, their prevalence has done them a bit of a disservice. Thanks to TV magic, the designers on those shows pull off projects with tight deadlines and shoestring budgets that would never fly in the real world.

On TV, there is often a team of laborers working behind the scenes to complete the work in record time and their salaries are built into the budget for the show, meaning design recipients only need to pay for the cost of materials. Realistically, you should be prepared to cover the cost of materials plus any additional labor cost. Keep in mind that hiring additional labor can help get the work done faster, but it will also increase your bottom line.

Of course, every project is different. The best way to get a handle on an anticipated budget and duration is by asking potential designers for this information upfront. Don’t be afraid to reach out to more than one to get a realistic picture of what to expect.

the right fit

Don’t give up until you find someone who’s the right fit. Image: Elizabeth Metcalf

Take the time to find the right fit

Not all designers are created equal. Like all of us, each designer has his or her own unique personal tastes, quirks and business practices. To make sure your project is a success, it’s important that you and your designer are on the same page with a lot of these details. You may need to interview a few before you find someone who’s the right fit.

In the design world, this interview is called a consultation. It can be an in-person meeting or held over the phone, and it can be paid or unpaid. You can use this time to ask to see samples of the designer’s work, learn more about their process, and ask about business practices, such as their preferred methods for communication and billing.

You can also use this time to let the designer get to know you. Feel free to bring in a few photos or items you intend to use for design inspiration. Let the designer know about your specific quirks and personal preferences. By the end of the meeting, you should have a good sense of whether the two of you will work well together.

billing practices

Billing practices vary among designers. Image: Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design

Billing isn’t standard

Billing is another feature that varies among interior designers. Since most own their own businesses, they are free to set their own fee structures. However, it typically works in one of two ways. Either the designer charges an hourly fee — with or without the cost of materials built in — or charges you the retail price for merchandise and takes the upcharge as the fee.

Both methods are considered typical. You just want to be sure you’re aware of how much you’re paying for services. Reputable designers will provide you with a thorough budget before they start making purchases, so seeing a cost breakdown shouldn’t be that difficult. If your designer seems resistant to the idea, you may want to look elsewhere.

good communication

Great communication is the key to success. Image: Michele Safra

Communication is key

Above all, good communication is the key to making sure your project comes to fruition the way you’ve been hoping. Sometimes, newer clients are hesitant to make their true opinions known because they feel they’re less knowledgeable than the designer, but at the end of the day, they’re the ones who need to be happy with the end result.

Good designers actually prefer decisive clients. Definitive opinions make their job easier in the moment and they know that happy clients are more likely to lead to future business. So, if you want to request changes from your designer, go right ahead.

That said, the earlier you give feedback, the easier it will be to make changes. Particularly, if it’s given before purchases have been made. Purchases can be returned or just remain unused, but that privilege may come with an extra fee.

working with an interior designer

Use these tips to make your designer experience a good one. Image: Elizabeth Metcalf

For those who have never hired an interior designer before, the idea of doing so can feel out of reach, but it doesn’t need to be. We’ve created a first-timer’s guide to working with an interior designer to help you take the plunge. Use the advice in this post to make an informed decision as to whether hiring professional help is the right choice for you.

Have you ever hired an interior designer? If so, do you have any advice …read more      

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Use Our Ultimate Small Kitchen Guide to Make Your Space Work for You

Let us help you make your small kitchen work for you. Image: L-ONE DESIGN LLC

Odds are, you’ve wished you had more kitchen space at some point. Those of us who have truly tiny kitchens know how difficult it can be to get these spaces to meet our needs. While it might be a little more difficult to design a small kitchen that’s equally functional and aesthetically pleasing, we’re here to tell you it’s far from impossible.

Continue below for tips from our ultimate small kitchen guide. Take these suggestions and adapt them to fit within your interiors. With a little planning and forethought, you can create the space that best suits your needs.

kitchen mobility

Keep only the essential items in your kitchen. Image: Myrica Bergqvist Interior Stylist/Decorator

Embrace (realistic) minimalism

Embracing minimalism is probably the most unpopular tip we have to offer, but it’s also incredibly important to mention. The reality is if you have a small kitchen, you won’t be able to store as much as someone who has more than enough space. One of the best things you can do to ensure your cooking area remains functional is to commit to storing only the essentials.

First, take stock of all the items in your kitchen. Sort each one into three categories: frequently used items, occasionally used items and rarely/unused items. Donate or recycle any rarely or unused items. Then, do your best to find an area outside the kitchen to store your occasionally used belongings. Make sure your prime kitchen space is reserved for supplies you need day to day.

Ideally, kitchen cleanouts like these should be added to your regular rotation of home maintenance tasks. All of us have a tendency to collect more belongings over time. Whenever you feel your cabinets getting overstuffed, it’s time to do another pass through.

usuable space

Use up every space. Image: Olivia van Dijk Architecture

Use every inch

When you’re working with less square footage, it almost goes without saying you have to make the most out of what’s available. Where small kitchens are concerned — and where the countless pots, dishware and spices need to find a home — it’s even more critical. For example, remember to think vertically as well as horizontally.

To do this, start by making a list of any empty areas in your kitchen — and we mean every area. These days, storage options are incredibly flexible. Back walls like the one in the picture above are often left blank, but you might be able to add additional storage here. Empty corners can take on shelves. With the aid of the right caddy, even the back of a pantry door can hold surplus dry goods.

Once you know which spaces you have at your disposal, do some research. Sites like Freshome and Pinterest are gold mines for creative storage solutions. Odds are, you can find an existing organizational system to meet your needs. If not, you can always consider a DIY creation.

multi-functional kitchen

Think about how each item can do double-duty. Image: Blue Eco Homes

Make it multi-functional

Whenever possible, small spaces benefit from the addition of pieces that can pull double-duty. Take, for example, the table in the picture above. While its primary purpose is for sitting down to meals, it could easily double as an added workspace.

Pieces that offer additional storage are a great fit for this. Think about adding a dining bench that allows for storage underneath or a kitchen cart or small island that can store extra pantry items in addition to being used for meal prep.

If you’re really short on room, don’t hesitate to get furniture from other rooms in on the action. As long as they’re easily movable — either by being modular or put on wheels — these pieces can be brought into the kitchen area as needed. For instance, a long work desk can be brought in for additional seating when you’re hosting guests.

open storage

Make storage part of your aesthetic. Image: Finch London

Blend storage and aesthetics

Many professional interior design photos have you believe that every item in your kitchen should be hidden behind closed doors. In reality, though, this is rarely the case. Particularly when you’re working with limited space, it’s important to embrace the idea that displaying your belongings can add an aesthetic flair.

Use this photo as a source of inspiration. You can clearly see the pots hanging above the stove and the knife block fixed to the backsplash. Yet, none of it looks out of place. Try to re-create a similar situation in your own interiors. Think about which items can be hung beneath shelving, situated above the appliances or left out on the countertop.

The caveat to this is that too much chaos can look messy and even get in the way of day-to-day cooking. We recommend adding these storage options one at a time. Each time you do so, take a step back. Ask yourself whether or not the kitchen looks full enough, as is, and be honest with yourself about the answer.

small kitchen guide

With a little planning, you can make your small kitchen work for you. Image: Scandinavian Homes

Small kitchens are an issue for many of us, renters and homeowners alike. However, that doesn’t mean making them work is an insurmountable task. If you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your tiny cooking space, our small kitchen guide is for you. Use our tips to help build the space that best suits …read more      

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Modern Villa Captures Sea Views in Koh Samui, Thailand

Sicart & Smith Architects is an international boutique design firm in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Led by Franck Sicart and Julien Smith, two French architects, the company develops modern and tropical designs.

The concept of 180 Samui started with the careful analysis of the site: a breathtaking view of Chaweng Bay in Koh Samui, Thailand, and a massive rock that needed to be integrated in the project. The result is a horizontal design, low roof-lines and a simple material palette.

The villa is organized around an impressive pool overlooking the view, set perpendicular to the main rock and offering a dramatic feel. A three-sided infinity edge merges the pool, the sea, the sky and its reflection; it seems like the swimming pool is floating in thin air.

The villa accommodates five bedrooms with further facilities such as a spa room, a gym area and a rooftop chill-out terrace. The swimming pool is surrounded by an open kitchen and pool lounge with library and pool table.

Terrazzo and teak wood are the main materials used for the design with subtle variations and accents of black, cream, polished and raw finishes for the terrazzo.

Most of the furniture has built-in features. The sofa in the lounge is sunken into the floor so that when seated, the inhabitants have a clear view of the horizon. Beds are centered in the middle of the bedrooms to maximize sea vistas. A light touch of aquamarine has been added to complete the balance and harmony of the project. Information provided by Sicart & Smith Architects. Photography courtesy of Johnny McGeorge & Julien Smith.

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Lush Life: 26 of the Best Bar Carts Under $300 and How to Trick Them Out

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Ready for some adulting? Nothing says sophisticated more than a chic bar cart stocked with all the right libations. Even if you don’t drink, the best bar carts are versatile enough to work as a side table, serving tray or upscale snack cart. You may want to keep one nicely stocked and ready to offer your guests a little something.

A clear lucite bar cart doesn’t compete with all the colors and patterns in this mod living room. Image:
how to set up a bar cart -
how to set up a bar cart -
how to set up a bar cart -
how to set up a bar cart -

Once you have your favorite spirits and accessories ready to go, display them in a way that’s artful and appealing. Add splashes of color to your bar cart with flowers, books, colorful drink glasses or a bright tray. Hang a large, bold painting or framed image over your bar cart to set the stage.

Bar cart display ideas

bar cart ideas -

If you have lots of wine or champagne bottles, insert a bottle rack into the lower tray as shown in the left image. Place drink glasses upside down to keep them from collecting dust inside. Images: The Rinfret Group and Katrina Stumbos

bar cart ideas -

Leave a small spot for flowers or a plant. Don’t drink much? Why not use your bar cart for tea or coffee accessories? Images: Kriste Michelini and Laura Garner Design

Best bar carts under $300, in stores now

Small space bar carts

small round bar carts -

Ernest Chrome and Glass Bar Cart at CB2, $159

small round bar carts -
small round bar carts -
small round bar carts -
small round bar carts -

Mid-century modern bar carts

best mid century bar carts -

Parker Mid Century Bar Cart at West Elm, $300

best mid century bar carts -
best mid century bar carts -
best mid century bar carts -
best mid century bar carts -

Modern brass and gold bar carts

best bar carts for entertaining -

A bronze bar cart is set up for entertaining in this contemporary living room. Image: Metropolitan Home

best bar carts for entertaining -
best bar carts for entertaining -
best bar carts for entertaining -
best bar carts for entertaining -

Industrial design bar carts

best bar carts under $300 -

Zona Bar Cart at Birch Lane, $250

best bar carts under $300 -
best bar carts under $300 -

Chrome and glass contemporary bar carts

best bar carts under $300 -
best bar carts under $300 -
best bar carts under $300 -
best bar carts under $300 -

Rustic modern bar carts

best bar carts under $300 -
<img src="" alt="best bar carts under $300 –" width="550" srcset=" 800w,×242.jpg 300w,×618.jpg 768w,×395.jpg 491w" sizes="(max-width: 800px) 100vw, …read more      

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Ho, Ho, WHOA! Simple Christmas Table Setting Ideas That Make Yours Memorable

You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to put together a fabulous Christmas table. A little creativity, some supplies and inspiration from these amazing Christmas table setting ideas should make your holiday modern, merry and bright.

1. Use fruit to deck out the Christmas table setting

Pomegranates, pears, apples, lemons or grapes can all be beautiful (and edible) accessories. Choose a color theme and layer the color in different sizes and textures to make your holiday table unique. It’s an inexpensive way to create the perfect Christmas table setting. No need to store it until next year – just have the fruit for dessert!

Pears and pomegranates, layered with fresh greens are perfect Christmas decorations. Images: Country Living and Julie Blanner

2. Decorate your dining chairs for Christmas

Add a little holiday cheer to the backs of your chairs. Use ribbon, or hang a wreath, ornament or name tag to each chair. Or even better, give all your guests angel wings!

Both of these Christmas table settings have a white theme with whimsical chair decorations. Images: The 36th Avenue and Elle Deco France

christmas table setting -

Rustic or elegant, dressing up your chairs will give your Christmas table a unique look. Images: Better Homes and Gardens and Koyal Wholesale

3. Be glad for plaid

Plaid can be a bit old fashioned, but not if you use it in new ways. Check out these beautiful Christmas table setting ideas featuring plaid.

how to set the Christmas table -

Keep plaid fresh by pairing it with bright white. Images: HGTV and A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

christmas decorating ideas -

Layers of plaid create a cozy Christmas table. Images: Karin Lidbeck and Better Homes and Gardens

4. Add black to your Christmas tablescape

Want to add a fresh and modern pop to your Christmas table settings? Add some black in the form of a tablecloth, dishes, candles or ornaments.

Christmas table decorating ideas -

Black linen has a warm and earthy look and feel. Images: Better Homes and Gardens and Style Curator

decorating the table for Christmas -

Layer your everyday black and silver china into your Christmas table setting. It looks great with green, red and yellow. Images: Charlie Juliet

5. Light up your table

Battery-powered LED string lights can be placed all through the table to add a Christmas wonderland effect.

christmas decorating ideas -

A minimalist Christmas table features a simple table runner and some small Christmas ornaments and lights. Image: Be A Fun Mum

How to set the table for Christmas -

Add battery-powered lights in mason jars as a unique replacement to candles, or use globe string lights along the length of the table. Images: Lisa Wola and Style Curator

6. Tie up your Christmas table setting like a present

Ribbon is an inexpensive way to decorate your Christmas table. When choosing one, look for wired ribbon, which makes it easier to bend and fold it into shape.

table setting ideas for Christmas -

The act of untying a lovely bow makes the place setting even more special. Images: Woman’s Day

7. Decorate using your glass bowls and serving stands

Create an impressive tower of gorgeousness by using glass hurricanes, vases, jars, cake stands or glass bowls and fill them with your favorite objects. Or make a modern terrarium by choosing an unusually shaped candle holder and adding botanical elements to it.

christmas centerpiece ideas -

Create height by stacking platters filled with Christmas-themed objects. Images: DIY Projects and Real Simple Magazine

christmas table settings -

A simple glass candle holder, set on some pine needles can be an elegant addition to your Christmas table. Image: West Elm

Inspired by some of the Christmas table setting ideas? Share your “Ho Ho Whoa!” Christmas table setting with us on Facebook.

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Horse Barn in Phoenix Becomes Contemporary Glass Residence

US-based studio The Construction Zone converted a former horse barn in Phoenix, Arizona, into a contemporary home. The upgraded residence features floor-to-ceiling glass walls with black steel framing for a powerful visual contrast.

Outdoor spaces for entertaining, a barbecue area and a swimming pool add to the welcoming feel of the property. A charming rocky pathway built between the cacti leads the way to the guest house nearby.

All interiors are minimalist and highly functional. The designers envisioned an open-plan layout, sectioned into four areas, maximizing the dwelling’s 1,425 square feet (132 square meters) of floor space. A seamless transition takes place between the functional areas of the house.

Stepping inside, you notice a modern kitchen with all the essential appliances and a dining table for six. Further on, you find the lounge area and the bedroom. We particularly like the reading corner, as well as the work area next to the bed. The bathroom is the only interior that doesn’t have a view toward the courtyard.

An array of materials (ranging from wood to concrete), colors and textures merge to create a dynamic feel throughout. Can you believe this building filled with light was once a modest “home” for the horses in the region? Photography by Bill Timmerman.

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Industrial Residence in Belarus Shatters Design Stereotypes

Dmitry Sheleg and Zrobym Architects designed an industrial-style residence filled with eye-catching details in Minsk, Belarus. The interior has a total living surface of 280 square meters (3,014 square feet) and combines a variety of textures and finishes.

“This home attempts to shatter the stereotypes associated with industrial-influenced interiors while still embracing the features,” the architects said. “It maintains the mainstays of industrial decor such as the extensive use of unfinished concrete and exposed duct-work but makes a more comfortable impression thanks to its warm color theme and comfortable furniture choices.”
The double-height living room acts as the social core of the house, with a massive chandelier reigning over the industrial elements. A fireplace clad in copper descends from the ceiling and creates a dramatic effect. The large and highly comfortable sofa was added to the scheme to diminish the “raw” ambiance.

“Upstairs, the bedroom makes a strong first impression with chain link fence over exposed brick and a vertical garden which reinforces the urban aesthetic,” the architects added. “The office takes a few risks to achieve its technical aesthetic – the result is creative and engaging, but doesn’t overwhelm the eye.” Photography courtesy of Zrobym Architects.

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Remarkable Vacation Home in Japan Built on Stilts

This original Japanese holiday retreat is located at the base of Mount Bandai in Fukushima, Japan. Dubbed “One Year Project,” the residence was designed by studio Life Style Koubou with sustainability in mind.

The main material used in the construction is wood, which was harvested from the site. To balance deforestation, trees were planted on the property once the house was completed. The unusual structure is based on a series of stilts. These white columns allow heavy snow to gather below and around the building during harsh winters.

The house is composed of two structures, connected by an outdoor bridge. One of the dwellings accommodates the living spaces and bedrooms and is also known by the inhabitants as the “dry” area. The other (referred to as the “wet” building) hosts the kitchen and bathroom.

The living spaces pay tribute to minimalism and the possibility of contemplating nature. Large window-walls give the feeling of an open tree house. Extensive use of cedar and a fireplace in the center set the tone for a welcoming refuge. Photograph courtesy of Life Style Koubou.

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Freshome’s Black Friday Links

Happy holiday shopping! Image: Anthropologie Instagram

What more do you need to know beyond where to shop for the best deals this Black Friday? Nothing. So to cut to the chase we are providing you with a round up of everything you need to know to get the best deals today!

We hope you like the companies and products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Black Friday Deals


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Crate & Barrel

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Pottery Barn

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Pottery Barn Kids

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PB Teen

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The Container Store

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West Elm

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  • Trim 30% off

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Rock Star Artist Sean Yseult Unveils New Line of Wallpaper Designs

Flora and fauna play a significant role in the designs of artist Sean Yseult. Image: Sean Yseult Photography

There are rock star designers, and then there are rock star designers. The former represents those high-profile artists with lucrative product deals, spots on design shows and panels, and huge social media presence. Sean Yseult is the perfect description of the latter — a musician, artist and entrepreneur who recently unveiled a new line of textiles and wallpaper designs.

The former bass player for Grammy-nominated rock band White Zombie, Yseult now leads a decidedly different life. She lives in a Greek Revival home in New Orleans, where she focuses on design, photography, writing and her newest business, Yseult Designs.

Strong start in the arts

Hailing from Raleigh, N.C., Yseult grew up with a strong appreciation for the arts. Her mother was a Chaucerian scholar and her father a Hemmingway expert, having penned five books on the author. Yseult and her sister were surrounded by other professors, writers and artists, and studied and attended ballet, opera and other musical events. They both performed in some fashion at a relatively young age.

Though dance and music were her main focuses, Yseult always had a pencil and pad in hand, doodling fantastical images of flora, fauna and woodland creatures.

“I remember my parents coming to one of those parent-teacher conferences when I was maybe 5 or 6. All the kids had their pictures of the cute grey mouse on the wall, except for one, which was painted in every color imaginable. It wasn’t hard for my parents to pick mine out,” says Yseult with a hearty laugh.

A dancing dream takes a detour

Yseult left home at the age of 11 to attend the prestigious Preparatory Dance Program at the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston Salem, N.C. She recalls with fondness her years studying dance and says she is grateful for the internet, which recently reconnected her to one of her former roommates and fellow dancers.

Tragedy hit Yseult in her senior year. A broken foot meant her dance career was all but over. However, the talented artist had never given up drawing and photography and switched majors to study visual art instead.

Her talent won her a scholarship to the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City for graphic design and photography. Yseult’s life was forever changed and her visual art pursuits put on hold.

“I met Rob, my band mate at Parsons. We would go to the same clubs and run in the same circles, so it made sense we ended up in a band together,” she says.

Artist, musician and entrepreneur Sean Yseult. Image: Sean Yseult Photography

Yseult‘s musical endeavors took a front seat as the band began a series of cross-country tours, gaining momentum and fans, recording albums that garnered attention and awards. It was a 10-year hiatus from visual art, but one Yseult is glad she took.

“I recently found an old journal of mine from when we were just starting out together as a band, and I was asking myself why I wouldn’t take the plunge then to pursue music. I’m glad I had the foresight to do it then. I can’t even imagine sleeping on floors and living in a van today,” she says.

Returning to an old love

After a decade on and off the road, Yseult was ready to hang up her bass and get back to visual art. Having visited New Orleans on the road and on her own, she decided to make it her permanent home. It was there she found inspiration and met her husband, an artist, musician and entrepreneur as well.

Yseult focused on her photography once more, with her unique and somewhat macabre style taking off. She spent the next several years showing her work in galleries across the country.

Though she loved photography, Yseult disliked the dark room aspect of the work and began dabbling in graphic design. She created scarves in the style she had always favored — colorful, nature-influenced and psychedelic patterns. Once again, her art was a hit, with stores such as Barneys, Liberty of London and Fred Segal carrying her work.

“I apply the same technique in visual art and graphics I always have. I draw by hand, filling up a page with designs and images before coloring anything in,” she says. “I have a perfectionist streak, and it is hard to break free from that,” she adds. The artist says she prefers to draw by hand rather than using the computer, as it allows for imperfections, something she says is important to her.

Color and fantastical imagery from the new Sean Yseult Designs wallpaper collection. Image: Sean Yseult Photography

Making her mark with wallpaper designs

After some success with her scarves, Yseult set her sights on a series of prints and specifically, wallpaper designs. It was a task she always wanted to accomplish. Creating intricate wallpaper designs can be a complicated process, and Yseult had to learn how to tesselate. Her patterns are intricate and being just a hair off can ruin her work. It was a huge challenge, but one she conquered.

“I wanted to be a designer, but not in the fashion world,” says Yseult.

Since the beginning of 2017, the artist has focused on creating her current wallpaper design line, and several stockists across the country are already on board. In New Orleans, designer Namita Joshi-Gupta, owner of Spruce, carries Yseult’s designs and is excited to have her on board.

“Apart from being a longtime friend, Sean’s unique designs and cutting-edge style make her wallpaper a good fit for Spruce. She is local and represents the funky New Orleans music culture,” says Joshi-Gupta.

Wallpaper designs from artist Sean Yseult can be found at Spruce …read more      

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