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The Top Five Garden Trends of 2018

Spring is almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about how you can spend more time outdoors. If you have a patio or a garden, giving it a little refresh is time and money well spent. Make your outdoor living space more functional (and beautiful!) by incorporating the top garden trends of 2018.

1. Small gardens are at the top of 2018 garden trends

As an intimate outdoor space, this small garden exemplifies the biggest 2018 garden trend. Image: Jarrett Yoshida Design

Whether you’re working with a small patio area, a side yard, or a large open space, it’s all about creating cozy, intimate spaces in 2018. Got 150 square feet to work with? Then make it the loveliest small garden ever! You can still have a seating area, a water or fire feature, and plenty of greenery in the form of potted plants.

If you have a large, open area, this is the year to consider breaking it up into smaller spaces. Some ways you can do this is by:

  • Creating a sitting or dining area with fieldstone
  • Adding an arbor and vines, creating the illusion that you’re entering another world
  • Creating an outdoor dining spot under a trellis
  • Setting up a spot with chairs and a firepit

The key is to enclose the space a bit with potted plants, hedges, trees or vines, creating intimate settings that flow from one to the other. Check out these ideas, for inspiration:

2018 garden trends

This larger garden utilizes walls, structures and varying landscape to create smaller, more intimate outdoor settings. Image: Abhiland Architects

A small patio features a dining space with a cedar privacy wall and modern landscaping, including boxwood in raised planters and stone. Image: Robert Hughes Garden Design

An outdoor terrace in San Francisco was converted into a small rooftop garden, featuring plants and citrus tress. Image: Siol Studios

2. Vertical gardens are hot right now

We’ve been telling you this for awhile now: the living wall, or vertical garden, is a beautiful way to add some life to a wall. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can add one to your garden:

2018 garden trends

Limited on square footage? Then go up! Two large frames hold plants that grow vertically on the wall. Image: Eco Walls

A wall of low-maintenance succulents in a wood frame adds a fresh, new look to this small garden. Image: Bright Green Landscapes

3. Eco landscaping is one of the biggest garden trends of 2018

Color and texture are achieved using a variety of grasses and flowering herbs. Image: Coffman Studios

Low-water landscaping saves you time and money. They require less maintenance and less watering. They’re also quite stunning. It’s all about geometry and architecture; for a striking effect, consider adding gravel, stone or rock among the eco-friendly plants like grasses and succulents.

4. Fire pits were last year, water features are this year

This water feature is designed to collect water and recirculate it. The pots have small ledges where birds, or other wildlife, can perch to drink. Image: Teserra Outdoors

We’re still a huge fan of fire pits: check out this roundup of fire pits and you’ll understand why. But this year, the top landscapers and designers are opting for water features instead.

The water feature revival is likely due to the fact that nature-friendly, eco gardens are popular. And providing water for birds and wildlife, while enjoying the soothing look and sounds of flowing water, make the garden water feature both beautiful and practical.

5. Garden to table

An outdoor garden, featuring tomatoes and vegetables. Image: Fenton Roberts Garden Design

Our favorite of the 2018 garden trends has got to be the edible garden. Regardless of what size your space is, you can probably manage room for a potted fruit tree, or a raised bed with veggies or lettuce, or even a small herb garden. Want to take it to the next level? Add some chickens for fresh eggs! Just be sure to check you local zoning laws first. Here are some ideas:

If your garden is all concrete, or you have poor soil, you can add raised beds to grow your veggies and herbs. Image: Aloe Designs

This garden gives new meaning to the term, “free range chickens!” Image: Southern Living

2018 is all about enjoying your outdoor space. Decide what works best for your lifestyle and needs and keep it simple and natural. Here’s to outdoor living!

Have a great garden design tip of your own? Leave a comment and let us know!

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20 Modern Family Room Decorating Ideas For Families of All Ages

If your home has a family room or den, we’re guessing it’s probably the most popular room in the house (after the kitchen, of course!). It’s the perfect place to hang out, watch movies, play games, or just relax together.

A contemporary family room that has everything you need: entertainment, a bar, a media area for watching movies and lots of comfortable places to sit. Image: Jim Schmid

Want to spruce up your family room, or turn an unused space into a modern family room everyone wants to spend time in together? Here are some of the most popular elements in an inviting family room:

  • A large, comfortable sofa or sectional
  • Extra chairs, ottomans or beanbags
  • Lots of throw pillows
  • A rug, for lounging
  • A TV, and the accompanying accessories
  • A surround sound system to create a mini-theater experience
  • Video games, board games or other entertainment
  • A billiards table, a dart board, or other favorite lounge games
  • A small bar area, or a spot for refreshments
  • A play area for kids
  • A desk or table for games, crafts or homework

Modern family room decorating ideas

A Parisian family room that’s perfectly polished, with plenty of space for family members of all ages. Children love to sit in the built-in daybed by the fireplace. Image: GCG Architects

Have fun decorating your family room! You already have a living room, so infuse some personality into your den or family room, creating a space which expresses who your family really is. Make it personal with favorite photos, artwork and other objects. Make the space more vibrant by adding bold color, and make it special with a unique family theme.

Here’s some modern family room decorating ideas, for inspiration. They’re stylish and polished enough for adults, yet fun and energetic enough to appeal to kids as well.

Family room decorating ideas featuring vibrant colors

family room decorating ideas

Throw pillows, an area rug and large, graphic wall art adds color and life. Image: Hernandez Greene

colorful den decorating ideas

This contemporary family room was finished in low-maintenance concrete surfaces—which can read as “cold”— but the colorful rug and funky seating brings warmth and whimsy back into the space. Image: Upstairs Studio Architecture

family room decorating ideas -

A basement family room lacks natural light, but fun, vibrant colors and textures makes up for missing brightness. Image: Fuchsia Design

Family rooms with fun seating

The super-soft chairs and sofa shown above are perfect to sink into while binge-watching your favorite series. Image: New Mood Design

This cozy family room with curvy seating looks—and feels—very relaxing. The ottoman does double duty, serving as a foot stool or coffee table. Image: 2LG Studio

family room decorating ideas

This cozy den features a rotating bubble chair, plush rug and plenty of oversized floor cushions, which can be placed in front of the fire for lounging. Image: AMW Design Studio

modern family room decorating ideas -

Although the large chaise sectional is cozy, the most popular seats in the house are the two ceiling-mounted swings. Image: SW Designs

Family rooms with a work station

den decorating ideas -

A family room should have several uses. This one features a backgammon table, a swing in front of the window, and a work desk. Image: The ABL Group

family room decorating ideas -

This sophisticated family room, in soft neutral tones, has plenty of texture and soft fabrics for lounging. Image: Brynn Olson Design Group

modern family room ideas -

A small section of this family room is dedicated to a double homework station. It faces the wall, keeping distractions to a minimum. Image: Modiano Design

Mid-century modern family room decorating ideas

A cozy and earthy Mid-century modern family room features organic elements like warmly-stained wood, a wicker basket, bamboo wing chairs and vintage pendant lights. Image: Egue y Seta

A mid-century modern den gets a splash of color from the turquoise cow hide. Image: NN Architecture

The designer of this modern family room broke up the space into different sections, including a sitting and TV area, a cocktail area by the fireplace, and a small home library. Image: Sara Gilbane Interiors

Mid Century modern family rooms

Although this room is designed in white and light colors, all the materials are low-maintenance and easy to clean. A chalkboard is mounted behind the large sectional for messages and scribbles. Image: Borja Dorado Architecture

Rustic modern family rooms

This rustic modern family room was inspired by a visit to a chic ski lodge. Image: …read more      

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Check Out These 15 No-Closet and Tiny Closet Ideas That Work

Do you have a tiny closet? No closet at all? Getting ready isn’t any fun when there’s no organized space for your clothes. But don’t fret—there are some great solutions you can utilize to maximize your tiny closet space, or even create a closet when you don’t have one!

Organizing your tiny closet

Keep your wardrobe down to the daily basics. Shelves, baskets and hooks maximize a small space, helping to store all your essentials. Image: Nadja Endler

When living with tiny closets, being an organized minimalist is essential. It’s important to keep your wardrobe to the essentials so you can store them efficiently. Give your clothes and accessories a good edit, keeping only the items you actually wear!

When space is limited, it’s time to get creative with your storage. Consider doing a “seasonal closet rotation” twice a year. Keep only fall and winter clothes in the closet during the cold season, and only your spring and summer clothes when the weather’s warmer.

At the end of each season, hide that season’s clothes away in boxes, a suitcase under the bed, or in bins, until you need them again. As you pack items away, consider donating items you don’t think you’ll want to wear again in 6 months. Then, bring out the current season’s items and store them in the closet for the next few months.

What’s great about a seasonal closet rotation is that you’ll clear out your closet twice a year, creating two opportunities for a good refresh. And, chances are, you’re less likely to keep lots of excess “stuff” crammed in your tiny closet knowing that you’ll have to pack and unpack it twice a year.

Check out these no-closet and tiny closet ideas:

no closet replacement

If you don’t have a closet, or if your closet is way too small, turn a wall into an open closet by grouping your dresser with floating shelves, hooks and open bookcases. The secret to making the wall look great is color coordination, and keeping your items organized. Image: Habitissimo

tiny closet ideas -

A small armoire or cabinet from Ikea works as a closet replacement. If you have available space, add a long, narrow cabinet next to it, for storing shoes and accessories. Make the most of the top of the cabinets by adding baskets and bins to store smaller items. Image: House Beautiful

closet replacements no closet ideas

Want to turn your beloved clothing into wall decor? Strategically hang modern, brushed chrome hooks for storing your clothes and accessories. Floating shelves and wall bars can hold shoes, purses or other items. Don’t forget to add a mirror and lighting for dressing. Image: Make Space

Any spot can become a closet if you add a clothing rod and some cabinets below. Want to hide your new closet? Conceal it with a curtain or a room divider. Image: Light Studio

clothing rack ideas

This closet system easily turns a wall into a closet. Image: Container Store

tiny closet hacks

To make the most of a tiny closet, focus less on hanging your clothes across a bar and invest in hanging caddies instead. This organized closet features a variety of hanging organizers, including a hanging shoe tower (which can be used for more than just shoes), a hanging shelf, and a small, hanging jewelry organizer. Choose clear, plastic pockets so you can see what’s inside. Image: Atlas Design

closet system ideas

This homeowner turned their only, tiny closet into a linen closet, and utilized a modular cabinet system from a home improvement store as a closet replacement. Image: HGTV

tiny closet hacks

Hanging rods are often space-inefficient because they only use about half the hanging space available. This hanging rod extender can double your hanging capacity. Even better, you can use it behind a door, or in other under-utilized spaces. Simple Houseware Adjustable Hanging Rod at Amazon, $14.

clothing racks

Ikea’s Elvarli system is perfect for organizing anything that doesn’t fit into your small closet (or for replacing a closet altogether).

ideas for when you don't have a closet

A couple of his-and-hers clothing racks, an overhead shelf, and a small stool are all this wonderfully-organized closet area consists of. It’s great as-is, but a mirror would make a perfect addition. Image: Elle Belgium

clothing rack alternatives no closet

This studio apartment features a ceiling-mounted copper pipe fixture that serves as a clothing rack. Hooks on the wall hold jewelry, hats and handbags. Image: HGTV

how to organize a small closet ideas

Check out how many items fit in that armoire and open closet, and how well organized they are, when bins and hanging rods are utilized. When you’re finished getting dressed, you can close the armoire or draw the closet’s curtains. Images: …read more      

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20 Small Garden Water Feature Ideas To Add A Little More Zen To Your Life

Flowing water is not only beautiful to admire, but the sound is very relaxing. And, if you have a small garden, terrace or patio, strategically adding a water feature is also likely to attract birds, wildlife and hummingbirds. In fact, water features are one of the five big garden trends for 2018.

Water features can be added to even the smallest of spaces—all you need is some sort of vessel or bowl. If you have an outlet nearby, a small pump can circulate the water. Or, you can simply have a still water feature with a couple of aquatic plants and a goldfish to keep the mosquito larvae at bay.

Ready to add a little zen into your life? Here’s a round-up of small garden water feature ideas for inspiration.

Small garden water feature ideas

These small vessel water feature designs can sit in a corner or on a table in your small garden or balcony. Images: Pinterest

small garden water feature ideas

A wall-mounted water feature that pours water into a narrow trough or rectangular container can be a good small garden water feature idea when your space is narrow or limited. Image: BM Studio Design

wall mounted water features

This small patio features three wall-mounted water features that pour into a river rock bed below. Image: Change of Seasons

fire and ice water features

Glass is mounted behind a small fire pit for water to flow down, creating a “fire and ice” effect. Image: Cooke Furniture

A small, narrow backyard space was converted into a zen garden by transforming a stone sculpture into a water feature. Image; Deborah Carl Landscape Design

small garden water feature ideas -

A tabletop water feature can be created by filling a beautiful ceramic vessel with water and adding some aquatic plants, such as floating lilies and papyrus. Image: Dragonfly Aquatics

small garden water feature ideas

When there’s no space in your garden for a water feature, it’s time to get creative. This homeowner used tin watering cans to add a water feature to their stairs. Image: DIY Network

small garden water feature ideas

Stacked stones create a unique, earthy water feature effect. Image: Grace Design Associates

A vessel shoots a small fan of water upwards, creating a beautiful architectural aquatic effect. Image: Harrison Landscaping

Electricity is required to add a pump that creates the water flow, but you can still create a beautiful water feature by using only a vessel and adding some aquatic plants. Image: HGTV

Here’s an idea you can execute in a smaller garden: build your water feature to flow from the wall into a small narrow container. Image: Huettl Design

Two stacked vessels create a relaxing water flow, and a place for birds to visit. Image: Deborah Carl

small garden water features

This homeowner placed a lovely, small water feature in the path that leads to the front door. Image: Allison Lind Interiors

A wall was converted into a water feature, featuring slate that the water can flow down from. The sound of the water muffles the noise from the busy street on the other side of the wall. Image: Martgot Hartford

A narrow, vertical, flowing waterfall structure adds privacy to this small deck. Image: NY Texas

For a pop of color, add floating glass balls to your small garden water feature. Image: Sunset Magazine

Small, submersible lights add drama to your water feature. Image: Sunset Magazine

This may be a large rain shower structure, but you can create a smaller, or even tabletop, version for your balcony or small terrace. Image: Water Features Direct

The landscape designer built a waterfall feature in a small side patio. Image: Tatum Brown

Do you have a small corner in your balcony, or a spot in your garden that would perfectly accommodate a water feature? Adding one is easy, and can provide plenty of enjoyment.

Drop us a note in the comments, and let us know how it goes!

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Wayfair Has Its First “Way Day” April 25 With Black Friday Low Prices

If you want to spruce up your place for spring and summer, there’s no better time than now. Wayfair has announced its very first Way Day :their version of Prime Day, or Black Friday.

Beginning midnight of Wednesday, April 25, promises 24 hours of “Black Friday-low prices” on 70,000 products.

The folks at Wayfair are remaining tight-lipped about the sale, but they did say that seasonal furniture, home accents, outdoor furniture and grills will carry the deepest discounts. “With the launch of Way Day, we’re offering the steepest savings possible at a time of year that makes the most sense,” Steve Oblak, chief merchandising officer, explained.

Be sure to check throughout the 25th, as Wayfair plans to announce “doorbuster deals” every six hours.

If you have a Wayfair credit card, you’ll also earn an unprecedented 9% back in rewards dollars on Way Day, compared to the normal 3%.

Below are some of our current favorite Wayfair picks, which may or may not be marked down even more on Way Day. We’ll have to wait and see, but we can hope, can’t we?

Davina Wingback Queen Headboard, Reg. $330, now $150

Available in 4 colors and 2 sizes. the stylish, tufted wing-back headboard adds the finishing touch to your bed.

Nora Bed-In-A-Box Memory Foam Mattress, Reg. $449 and up
(discount not announced yet)

Way Day Wayfair Nora mattress sale

Wayfair’s bed-in-a-box, the Nora memory foam mattress is something worth watching for discounts on Way Day. Nora is one of Wayfair’s best sellers, and comes with a 100-night trial.

Kartwright 3-Piece Bar Set,
Reg. $570, now $238

Perfect for a small space, indoors or outdoors, the 3-piece set is 58% off.

Great Bay Microfiber Sheet Set,
Reg. $60 and up, now $20

3 color options of soft fabric with a seashell pattern.

Royal Gourmet Patio Gas Grill,
Reg. $366, now $180

Styled in a fashion-forward red with a porcelain cast-iron firebox.

Goldhorn Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, Reg. $219 and up, now $39 and up

Durable and colorful, the Goldhorn area rug is now more than 80% off.

Jadon 4-Piece Sofa Set With Cushions,
Reg. $2400, now $730

This modern outdoor set is a great deal at 70% off and features cushions in a durable, outdoor red fabric.

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Get Ready for your Close-up With 2018’s Best Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom design—and bathroom vanities—have come a long way in recent years, particularly, as a result of the increased furnishing options available to the public, as well as the many available avenues for customizing a look to suit individual homeowners’ styles.

The previous norm was that spec homes, or newly built homes, were fitted with a standard look, size and style of bathroom furnishings. Traditional, white vanities with raised doors and chrome hardware were all too common. Now, thanks online stores such as Wayfair and Overstock, consumers have the ability to choose from a much wider range of bathroom furnishings and styles.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity, with style and price being two of the most important.

A rustic, organic look can be achieved with the Morriston vanity from Lowe’s. Photo courtesy of

A rustic look conveys an adventurous, outdoorsy spirit. Bathroom vanities of this style can be found at one of the most accessible big box stores. Featuring barn-door hardware, Lowe’s 60-inch Morriston Distressed Java Undermount Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Engineered Stone Top (shown above) presents a modern look, with just the right amount of rustic, for those who want to bring a more organic, earthy look to their bathroom, at an affordable price point of under $700.

To continue the look, an oil-rubbed bronze faucet is a good match. It sends a message that nothing in the room is particularly fussy or fancy, while still coming off as polished and tasteful. Many retailers are happy to offer suggestions as to what to pair with larger purchases. The bronze faucet was an automatic suggestion for this particular vanity.

Many larger retailers, including those without brick and mortar stores, offer a large selection of styles, covering all ends of the design spectrum. offers many bathroom vanities for those who crave contemporary pieces, or those who prefer more classic styling. Some of the vanities include matching mirrors, such as the Birch Lane 42-inch single bathroom room vanity with marble top, under mount sink and 42-inch mirror. For close to $1000, this set instantly updates a bathroom with a clean, cohesive look. In addition to excellent value, also sweetens the deal with free in-home delivery.

For a more traditional look, consider the Birch Lane cabinet and mirror from Photo courtesy of

On the opposite end of the design spectrum, also offers a sleek, dark gray bathroom vanity that’s modern in every aspect. The Tenafly 60-inch Double Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity Set by Wade Logan appears to float on the wall, without traditional feet or legs. Hardware is minimal and discreet, enhancing the modern aesthetic. Instead of a rustic-looking stone top, acrylic sinks provide a seamless look. Also priced under $1000, it definitely speaks to those who appreciate clean, contemporary style. This particular collection also has singular vanity pieces to accommodate smaller spaces.

Another website that has an abundance of bathroom vanities to choose from is Organized by color, price point, style, sizes, types, materials, product features and brands, this website has something for most budgets and tastes. Prices for bathroom vanities here are listed in the $800 to the $2500 price range.

For those who like to both display and hide toiletries, the Belvedere Vanity allows for both options. Photo courtesy of

The Belvedere Bath 48-inch Freestanding Modern Veneer Bathroom Vanity with Stone Top is an attractive, free-standing piece that appeals to those who don’t need to hide all of their toiletries. With two drawers, this vanity also has a deep open shelf that would be ideal for displaying expensive or attractive bottles of soaps, shampoos and lotions. It would also be a good place to stack hand towels and small and interesting accessories, such as vases. This vanity comes in at under $1000, with free delivery. Its contemporary feel can also be attributed to its dark gray color and sleek seamless sink and top. Packaged with single handle chrome faucets, this vanity is perfect for those who want to stay on point with design trends and want to show others they have the room and ability to display personal accessories.

The name All Modern conjures up designs that are not for consumers who prefer classical designs. The website has a large inventory of unique and interesting bathroom vanities that will allow those with a specific style to choose a piece of furniture that will represent their own personal statement. The Pinova 40-inch single bathroom vanity with mirror for example, represents mid century-inspired style, with this wall-mount vanity set, paired with a multi-colored wood design and glossy glass top. Just under $800, this vanity is an affordable way to make a strong fashion statement in a room that isn’t often used for that purpose. The Pinova received several positive reviews, many of which describe how positively others respond to it. In other words, this vanity tends to be a big hit with consumers.

Get the hotel look and feel with the Apothecary unit from Pottery Barn. Photo courtesy of

Known for its similarity to a quality hotel look, Pottery Barn has several options for bathroom vanities including an apothecary sink, single or double, that look like it is right out of an upscale boutique hotel in New York City. Combining the vintage charm of a classic open-framework console with the benefit of modern fittings, the Apothecary Single Sink console from Pottery Barn is more about style than anything else and is not necessarily a strong example of utilizing space to its best advantage. This particular aesthetic does not come cheap, however, with the unit coming in just under $2000. One of the more helpful aspects of shopping …read more      

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5 Feng Shui Home Decor Tips for A Peaceful, Prosperous Space

The recent celebration of Chinese New Year ushered in the Year of the Dog. The dog is an animal known for it’s loyalty, faithfulness and, especially, it’s ability to remain perfectly happy and content spending time at home with it’s family. In the spirit of Chinese New Year, here are some ancient Chinese feng shui home tips to help you remain happy and content at home by creating a perfectly peaceful and prosperous space.

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art. The words literally mean “wind water,” which are associated with good luck, and good health. Most people will say that a home that has been “feng shui’d” feels more peaceful and harmonious.

To increase the amount of good vibes in your home, follow these five easy feng shui home decor tips for a lucky, prosperous Year of the Dog.

1. Declutter your home

When decluttering your home, a good rule of thumb is to minimize the amount of objects that collect dust. Image: Oishi Architect

The single most important objective in creating feng shui is allowing for the flow of good energy, or chi, throughout your home. Chi brings good health, wealth and luck.

Decluttering must be thorough—simply hiding your stuff won’t cut it. Items under the furniture, overloaded bookcases and closets, and outdated or broken items all affect chi flow. It’s time to clear out closets, the space under the bed and all cabinets and shelves. Keep only the items you love—or ones that have special meaning—and discard or donate the old and unused.

2. Get air and light flowing throughout

feng shui home ideas

Lots of windows let natural light shine in, and retractable doors circulate air. Image: Klopf Architecture

To ensure the constant flow of good energy throughout the home, wind (air) and light must move as well. You’ve decluttered your home in step one, making it easier for energy to flow. Now open the windows to increase air flow. Maximize light movement by keeping all glass, mirrors and windows clean. Have a dark corner or space that needs a little brightening? Add a lamp to illuminate the spot, or place a mirror to reflect light from a different spot.

3. Add plants

feng shui home tips

A live plant attracts good chi energy in this contemporary feng shui kitchen. Image: 82 Design

Air flow is important in feng shui, but the air must be pure. Plants filter the air, creating a healthier, cleaner environment. Plants also attract vibrant chi energy due to their life force. As long as the plants are kept healthy, you’re attracting good energy.

Some plants are better for feng shui than others. In fact, some plants, like cactus, are considered bad feng shui, because they lack the need for water (water is like wealth), or they’re spiky and “unfriendly.”

Here’s a list of some of the best (and luckiest) plants you can invite into your space. Most of these plants are low-maintenance, and do very well indoors:

  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Peace Lily
  • Ficus
  • Rubber Plant
  • English Ivy
  • Palm
  • Boston Fern
  • Philodendron
  • Spider Plant

4. Add more of your favorite colors to activate the energy associated with them

feng shui home colors

The use of color plays an important role in feng shui. Images: Shambhallah Institute and Natalia Apezetxea

Colors play a very important role in feng shui; add them through wall art, decorative objects or paint.

Here’s a general list of what each color activates:

  • Red: luck and wealth
  • Orange: happiness and fun
  • Yellow: mental stimulation, power
  • Green: peace, balance, healing
  • Blue: calmness, communication, spirtuality
  • Purple: wealth, high spirituality
  • White: cleansing and purity
  • Black: power, especially when paired with red
  • Brown: nurturing

5. Go for Yin and Yang

feng shui home design

Yin and Yang elements shown in this living room include black and white accents and boxy furniture paired with rounded edge items. Image: Maurizio Giovannoni

Feng shui followers believe that everything is composed of two opposing but connected forces: Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine). It’s the balance of forces such as dark and light, or night and day; one cannot exist without the other. When decorating, create balance by applying this concept to your home.

These are just the basics of feng shui; there’s much more to the art and science, including directions, numbers, elements and more. Getting started with these 5 tips should be a good start; you should feel the difference in your space in no time!

Adding some feng shui to your home? Leave a comment, and let us know how it goes!

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You Totally Need These Hanging Chairs and Swinging Beds In Your Life

Are you ready to shake off the winter blues (we sure are!)? Why not swing them away instead? There’s nothing more relaxing than the soft, fluid motion of a hanging daybed or chair. Suspended furniture—such as hanging chairs, sofas and swinging beds—are starting to show up in some of the most beautiful spaces around. Looking for inspiration? Hang around; we’ll hook you up.

Hanging chairs

A den with alternative seating ideas, including floor cushions and a beautiful, hanging basket chair. Image: Antonio Chaves

hanging chairs -

Hanging chairs are a perfect seating idea, adding a unique touch to your room’s design. Image: Clifton Interiors

modern wicker hanging chairs

An egg-shaped hanging wicker chair is perfect for a mid-century-inspired design space. Image: APD Architects

hanging bubble chairs -

Create an outdoor space everyone wants to hang in, by arranging suspended, bubble-style chairs around a fire pit. Image: Rolling Stone Landscapes

Place a couple of decorative pillows and a cozy throw blanket in a hanging chair for added comfort and visual appeal. Image: Sean Litchfield

Ceiling-mounted hanging sofas and daybeds

hanging daybeds

Want to blow your guests’ minds? Suspend your sofa from the ceiling with heavy-duty ropes. Image: Escala Design Studio

This hanging daybed is perfectly placed to take advantage of the sweeping views. Image: Studio Beili

Feeling crafty? Convert a wood pallet frame into a beautiful, suspended sofa. Image: Andrew Sherman

Patio swings

This lovely patio swing is a modern take on grandma’s porch swing. Image: Allison Ramsey

This custom, contemporary day bed swing takes advantage of the beautiful coastal view. Image: Straticon Construction

Matching hanging sofas create a relaxing area for conversation. Image: April Powers Interiors

Outdoor swing ideas

It’s a grown-up take on the classic kid’s tire swing, and it’s the perfect way to unwind. Image: Red Agape Blog

Rustic rope adds an organic, earthy feel to these contemporary outdoor swings. Images: Cortney Bishop Design and Ken Lindsteadt

Hanging beds

A contemporary bed with a twist: the platform is suspended from the ceiling. Image: Renato Carrigo

A suspended bed is perfect when floor space is limited: it’s a modern, innovative way to create under-the-bed storage. Image: Chaucey Bonbon Designs

A custom weekend home in the countryside features beds suspended from the ceiling by wrought iron hardware. Image: Harris Custom Builders

Ready to make it happen? Get some great DIY tips on how to hang a swinging bed, hanging chair or daybed from your ceiling with Domino Magazine’s great tutorial here.

What room or outdoor space would you add hanging furniture to? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Spiral Staircase Elevates Minimalist Duplex in Thailand

The creative team at FATTSTUDIO completed the renovation of an apartment with an intriguing layout in Bangkok, Thailand. The aim of the project was to design a bright, airy living space for a young couple with a love for minimalism.

A major challenge of the design update was to adapt the contemporary living needs of the owners to the existing space. This home in Thailand spreads over two floors, a 90 square-meter (968 square-foot) area below and a 20 square-meter (215 square-foot) mezzanine level above. A spiral staircases connects the two floors and adds an elegant touch to the interior scheme.

In order to meet the owners’ expectation in terms of practical storage, the designers built two large wardrobes (one next to the entrance, and another inside the bedroom), as well as integrated shelving solutions.

The main floor accommodates the living area, separated by the bedroom through a glass & steel wall. The array of materials and textures make the place feel vibrant, despite its minimalist arrangements. Parts of the wood found in the apartment before the renovation was restored and magically highlighted.

The octagon-shaped mezzanine above was envisioned as an indoor gallery, where the owners can work or relax. Generously-sized windows allow natural light to flood the spaces, while adding their own share of refinement.

Enjoy this pictorial tour!

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10 Easy Rental Upgrades You Can Do (And Take With You When You Move)

A lot of renters settle for an outdated, boring space until they can move into the home of their dreams. Good news, renters: you don’t have to! Here are some easy rental upgrades you can complete yourself (or with just a little help) in no time. Even better: you can take these upgrades with you when you move!

1. Add a rainshower head to your shower

Want a total spa experience? Swap the old rental shower head for a luxurious rainshower style. Installation isn’t difficult; it should take less than half an hour.

According to Planit DIY, simply unscrew the old shower head, add some teflon tape around the threads, and screw the new rainshower fixture on. Remember to turn the water main off first, and save the original shower head to put back when you move!

2. Upgrade your bathroom vanity lighting fixtures

Bathroom vanity lights are affordable and easy to install. Visit your favorite home improvement center for the best variety. Most come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to install them, but, if in doubt, hire a licensed electrician. It should take a professional no time at all to complete this bathroom upgrade.

Want to take it to the next level? If you can remove the existing mirror easily, replace it with a coordinating mirror to tie in your new lighting fixture.

3. Add a smart thermostat

Image: Amazon

The latest smart thermostats keep your home comfortable, and save you money by regulating temperature throughout the day. They’re easy to install, and can often be switched on or off remotely via a smartphone app.

The Amazon Ecobee comes with Alexa voice and room sensors, making adjusting your home’s temperature as easy as telling it what you need.

4. Replace the bedroom light switch with a dimmer

Image: Best Builders

Create a high-end, restful bedroom (and add a little atmosphere) with something as simple as swapping out the light switch with a sliding light dimmer. Adjustable lighting makes a huge difference in the ambiance of your bedroom.

5. Add more lighting in your closet

easy rental upgrades

Photo: HGTV

Make your closet more functional by adding lighting. Track lighting, under-the-shelf LEDs, or even a brighter ceiling light makes it easier to find what you need.

No electric outlets available? Install battery-powered LED lights. The battery life is long, thanks to the low voltage the LEDs use.

6. Upgrade to a cool kitchen faucet

You can pick up a commercial-style spray faucet at a home improvement center for under $150—some even include a coordinating soap dispenser! Installation isn’t difficult, and the aesthetic difference is amazing.

7. Choose modern window coverings

Image: Tom Stringer

Curtains, Roman shades and other types of window coverings are worth the splurge. They pull your existing decor together while adding a luxurious feel to your rental. Plus, in most cases, they’re easy to take down and move to your next home.

8. Trade out old wall outlets with smart ones

Image: Lowe’s

The majority of charging that happens at home is for USB devices. Why not swap out your old wall outlets with new, multi-purpose ones featuring USB ports? Easy rental upgrades like this simplify your space and make your life so. Much. Easier.

9. Mount wireless speakers in every room

Image: Sonos

High-quality wireless speakers are small and easy to mount. They make it easy to stream music into any room, or enhance the sound quality of whatever you’re watching. Once you have wireless speakers set up in your favorite rooms, you’ll never go back to basic.

10. Swap out kitchen hardware and knobs

The secret to swapping out the knobs—without drilling holes in rental cabinets—is to upgrade them with the same size or type of knobs the cabinets currently use. The project is simple: all you’ll need is a screwdriver and a small bag to safely keep the original hardware in—until it’s time to put it back. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles for a unique look.

If you’re living in a rental—or if you’ve just moved into a rental—give a few of these easy rental upgrades a try, and add a little more luxury to your life that you can take with you when you move out. If you do, drop us a line in the comments and let us know how it went!

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