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5 Home Decor Subscription Boxes We Love and You Will Too

These days, monthly subscriptions are all the rage and subscription boxes for home decor are no exception. Whether you love a more minimalist look or if you’re a traditionalist at heart, we wanted to find the subscription service for you. We’ve compiled a list of five decor-centric subscription boxes regardless of your personal style or budget.

1. Box of Chic – $49

The coordinated offering, offers subscribers a quarterly look at what’s new in Nordic design. Each shipment contains up to five items valued between $85 – $100. The items arrive individually-wrapped and accompanied by a information card describing each item, as well as its designer.

Art Crate - home decor subscription box

3. Art Crate – $22-$114

Those looking to take their wall art to the next level should consider Art Crate since it will allow you to compile a truly personalized collection. Upon signing up, you’ll be asked to complete a survey to determine your artistic preferences. Then, on the 15th of each month, you’ll be contacted by a curator who will present you with a series of options based on your preferences. Pricing varies based on the size of prints and whether or not they arrive framed.

designerbox - home decor subscription box

4. DesignerBox – 29€ – 35€

DesignerBox is an ideal fit for those in the market for one-of-a-kind decor. Each monthly shipment centers around an original item commissioned specifically for subscribers. The piece arrives nestled in a wooden crate that can double as a display box. It’s also paired with a newsletter explaining the design concepts used in the item’s creation, as well as a few smaller surprise elements. As an added bonus, past items can be bought without subscription through their online store.

Eucopia - home decor subscription box

5. Eucopia – $49

Whether you love to travel or just wish you could, the Eucopia subscription box is a great fit for those who admire the European lifestyle. Each monthly shipment contains 3-5 items that come from all over the continent but fit a curated theme. There is also a “mini” subscription available that sends one singular item for just $15. Whichever you choose, the items come with a pamphlet that explains their cultural origins. Occasionally, the boxes may contain food or personal grooming items in addition to decor.

With all the monthly subscription services that are available these days, it’s hardly a surprise that subscription boxes for home decor are becoming increasingly popular and the five services we’ve compiled fit a variety of aesthetics and budgets.

Which home decor subscription box do you want to try?

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