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50 Creative Home Organization Ideas

If your home always seems to be cluttered and messy, then you’ve got a problem (and would likely benefit from some home organization ideas).

Perhaps you have too much stuff, or you don’t have anywhere to put all of your stuff away. Most homes don’t come with all the organizational tools you need, and often you’ll have to get creative and find out what works for both your storage needs and for your space.

Start by taking a walk around your house. What types of items are on your floors and counters, or slung on the backs of chairs and across tables? You may have a system of organized chaos going on, but it’s likely that in addition to having unkempt living quarters you’re also robbing yourself of space that could be used for purposes other than makeshift storage.

Have you been avoiding hosting that dinner party because your dining room is full of all your belongings that have no other place to go? When was the last time that chair acted like a chair rather than a coat rack?

You want to create storage that you’ll actually use, so make your storage system intentional. From unexpected storage in small spaces to smart and innovative ideas, we liked these organization tips for taking advantage of potentially unused or underused storage spaces.

Our Top Home Organization Ideas

  • Under the bed
  • Under the stairs
  • Integrated in furniture
  • On the walls
  • Closets

Under the bed

You might already be using the foot or so of space under your bed to store belongings, but you may not be taking full advantage of it. Some beds and headboards come with drawers and shelves, but if yours doesn’t then there are many ways to create your own. Store seasonal items like bulky winter sweaters or rarely used belongings in deep sliding underbed drawers like this one from The Container Store. If you haven’t purchased a bed yet and are short on space, look for a piece with storage built in.

Under the stairs

There are two different ways to look at under stair storage: by using the stairs themselves as functional drawers, or by using the nooks and awkward spaces created by a staircase to customize your own storage. The first option can be expensive, but does offer a huge amount of storage potential.

Integrated in furniture

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 4.03.59 PM (1)

If your space is small then it’s a good idea to look into furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes, whether it’s an ottoman that doubles as blanket storage or a couch that keeps remotes and other coffee table clutter out of the way.

On the walls

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 4.34.13 PM (1)

Not every home comes with built-ins for turn key storage systems, which means you’ll need to create your own. If floor space is limited then one option is to take over an entire wall (or a portion of it) to create floor-to-ceiling shelves either by configuring them yourself or buying a large unit like the LAX Series Bookshelf sold by 2modern, for example. But perhaps it’s just a matter of getting your bike out of the entryway by using a wall mount. Whatever you need, there’s typically a lot of wall space in your home that can be taken advantage of for adding things like hanging shelves, hooks or entire storage units.


Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 4.16.32 PM (1)

Not every bedroom has a closet. And even if it does, it might not be designed in the most effective way. If your bedroom floor is covered with piles of laundry then perhaps it’s time to reimagine how to arrange your closet, whether that means adding another bar to hang clothes from or integrating a system of shelves and drawers.

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