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6 Home Upgrades Every Pet Owner Needs

Home upgrades can help a pet owner integrate their pets’ necessities with their interior design. Image:

Keep your pet hydrated this summer with an outdoor water bowl. Image: Scot Eckley

5. Outdoor water bowl

Summer’s here. You’ll probably be spending more time outside, and your pet will undoubtedly want to join you. You can ensure they stay hydrated and add to your property’s hardscaping with a permanent water bowl. A well-designed, sturdy basin beneath a water spigot makes it simple to give your pet access to water all summer long.

pet owner home upgrades - gate

Integrate your dog gate into your room design. Image: Mankato Home Tours

6. Built-in dog gate

You may have rooms in your home that are pet-friendly and others you want to protect from your furry family member. Many a dog owner has turned to the removable baby gate to separate spaces for their pets. While functional, it doesn’t contribute anything positive to your decor. Instead, opt for a built-in gate. You can customize the size and material to seamlessly integrate into the design of the rooms it separates.

More pet owner ideas

These home upgrades will get you started, but there’s a whole world out there for you to explore. From built-ins to pet furniture, there is a huge range of options to integrate our pets’ necessities into our interior design and architecture. You, your four-legged friend and your home’s style can live together in harmony.

What are some of your pets’ favorite home features? We’d love to hear all about it below.

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