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Back to Basics with the Clipboard Table

The clipboard table garners its strength from physics rather than hardware. Designed by Patrick Kusters and created by Lonc, this simple design only requires a steel frame and a wooden table top to create a great statement piece.

By relying on the trestle shape of the frame, the design is kept simple and flexible, and stable. It is easy to assemble and dissemble, easy to store, build, and break down again, over and over.


Made of beech and steel, it’s ideal for indoor or outdoor use, or even somewhere in between. Currently, three designs are available: table, bench, and picnic table. They are designed to comfortably accommodate four.

The snug fit of the durable FSC certified hardwood top against the steel frame keeps the pieces firmly in place, without the need for additional hardware or supports. Keeping with the philosophy of simplicity, the trestle colors available are matte white, brushed steel, or matte powder black.







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