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Banana Table Features Appealing Sculptural Design

The Banana Table, a stylish furniture piece inspired by the stem of the fruit, was designed by Florida-based 3D modeler/designer Craig Monroe.

“After a couple of weeks trying to think of new projects, the idea struck one day after lunch,” Monroe told Freshome. “There was a banana peel in front of me. Eventually, I thought about it as furniture while still uncertain of the end result.”

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“Ideas started to snowball, and later that day I built a rough version using 3D Studio Max that I found myself wanting to finish,” the designer said. “What I present here is actually the second iteration of the Banana Table. The first design was largely the same, except it was much more angular and started to stray from the concept.

“Subtlety was the key. I revised it to more closely follow the original photos I had taken of the sliced fruit. Form had to come before any other aspect, and it needed to have three things: big curves, sharp edges and an asymmetrical silhouette.”

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The table is made up of six Peruvian walnut wood “peels.” The three outer layers are thicker with a slightly varying color; the three inner layers are lighter to mimic a banana’s color. The tabletop consists of two wood rings sandwiching a piece of round, slightly yellow-tinted glass that rests atop the edge of the peels.

Unfortunately, the Banana Table is available only as a 3D model for use in architectural visualization scenes. The designer is actively looking into physical production by manufacturers in Orlando. [Photos and information provided by Craig Monroe]

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