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Floating Bonsai Tree Hovers Magically in the Air

Here’s possibly the most Zen home accessory of all time: a bonsai tree that actually floats.

The Air Bonsai, designed by Japanese studio Hoshinchu, is a gravity-defying container system that allows a bonsai tree to float magically in the air.

Each mesmerizing Air Bonsai set is made up of two parts. The round, mossy “little star” cradles the plant’s roots; the handcrafted porcelain “energy base” hides built-in magnets that suspend and rotate the little star.


Both pieces come in a handful of finishes ranging from the modern (the smooth, white Shirotsubaki set) to the traditional (the earthy, lava-rock Suzumushi set).

If you’d like to snag a floating bonsai of your own before the limited-edition sets are all gone, head over to Air Bonsai’s Kickstarter page.




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