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Follow These Tips for Efficient and Elegant Pantry Organization

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The pantry is the bloodline of the kitchen. Without all its utensils and staples, you’d have a hard time making dinner every day. While considering the number of times you use your pantry while cooking, entertaining or even putting groceries away, it’s easy to recognize that this space can have a great effect on your home.

Proper shelving and coordination can help you better utilize the space in your home. Incidentally, using the right storage techniques can help you save space and give your pantry a symmetrical and minimalist feel. Whether you have a small designated shelf or a large walk-in pantry, elegant pantry organization will prove to be a game-changer in the dynamic of your kitchen.

Glass containers add elegance and ease to pantry shelves. Image: Laurel and Wolf

1. Glass storage jars

A chicer, more contemporary option to plastic containers and pre-packaged food boxes is glass jars. Not only do glass containers hold and transfer fewer toxins to your food than plastic, but they also help your food taste fresher longer. Not to mention, being able to see right into each container helps you find what you’re looking for faster and monitor levels. To add an extra touch of elegance and differentiation, use different shapes of jars for your pastas, dry baking ingredients and snacks.

Here is a collection of our favorite glass storage jars for your pantry:

1. Glass Canisters with Oak Lids | 2. Glass Food Storage Containers | 3. Bodum Chambord Copper top Containers | 4. Glass Jars with Lids| 5. Glass Jars with Gray Lids

Organizing the drawers of a butler pantry make hosting a breeze. Image: Wood-Mode

2. Drawer organizers

A strong addition to a butler pantry or any kitchen, the right drawer organizer helps you optimize whatever space you have. Each designated compartment allows everything to have its own place, thus eliminating Jumbled Drawer Syndrome and freeing up counter space. The stress of scrambling for a wine opener or a whisk will be long gone. Designate each area for extra utensils, sippy-cup lids, napkin rings and whatever else needs its own space in your butler pantry. While shopping for containers, keep in mind the size of your drawers as well as what you might be putting in each compartment.

Drawer organization can make your life so much easier. Here are some of our favorite and most innovative drawer organizers for your kitchen:

1. Bamboo Deep Drawer Organizers| 2. Board Organizer | 3. Chrome Cookware Organizer | 4. Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Kit | 5. Bamboo Drawer Organizer | 6. Slide Out Basket

Keep your spices accessible and well-sorted with multiple levels. Image: Walmart

3. Multi-level storage racks

Multi-level racks offer a full view of your spices, medications or even canned goods for easy access. They are great for eliminating clutter and opening up more space on your pantry shelves. When it comes to multi-level storage, don’t be afraid to use your pantry walls and the back of your pantry’s door to free up further shelf space.

Have you ever bought something because you didn’t think you had it in stock, only to find it was hidden in the back of your pantry? Here are our favorite multi-level racks to make sure that doesn’t happen to you again:

1. Chrome Dinner Plate Shelf | 2. Corner Cabinet Organizer| 3. Black Tiered Shelf Organizer | 4. Tiered Shelf Organizer | 5. Three-Tier Expandable Shelf

Orderly rows and labelled bins help reduce stress and clutter. Image: Laurel and Wolf

4. Baskets

Small baskets are versatile and universal. When shopping, take into account shelf measurements to assure that multiple baskets can sit side by side. These baskets are ideal for storing kids’ craft supplies, extra napkins and paper items, as well as keeping your dry baking ingredients in one compact place. They are easy to label and easy to store, helping you keep your pantry uniform and functional. Try getting fun wooden baskets or color coordinating your baskets and shelves for a monochrome feel.

Baskets are a great way to keep your entire home organized. These are our favorites for your pantry:

1. Open Stackable Baskets| 2. Wood Milk Crate | 3. Three-Tier Madras Cubbies | 4. Wicker Milk Crate | 5. Storage Basket

Basket labels add to the aesthetic of your pantry while helping you keep order. Image: HGTV

5. Label away

We’ve all been there: Two months after reorganizing a cabinet and everything is somehow back in disarray. We are all busy and often rushing around with little time to pay attention to where everything goes all the time. Little by little, it’s easy to let a pantry slip back to a messy state. Creating a label for each shelf, canister and basket is a small gesture that eases the task of keeping your pantry elegant as the flux of life takes its course. Use a label maker from your local office supply store or get creative with your labels and go the homemade route.

Labeling can be addicting so …read more      

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