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Here’s What You Need to Know About Top 2017 Pinterest Home Trends

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Check out the hottest 2017 Pinterest home trends. Image:

Acrylic furniture

Thus far, all the trends we’ve discussed have had an undoubtedly natural feel to them. In contrast, another one of this year’s top picks is acrylic furniture, also known by its brand name Lucite. This see-through material is so clearly manufactured that one can almost call it “space age.”

In particular, acrylic furniture is a good choice in tight spaces. Since these pieces are so minimalist, they can bring necessary function into rooms that might be overpowered by traditionally built furniture. This is especially true when considering areas that require multiple pieces, such as dining rooms and seating areas.

If you’re not quite ready to jump fully into this trend, you’re in luck. Many pieces on the market right now simply feature acrylic elements. Look for tables that have acrylic legs or chairs made with acrylic seats as a way of getting your feet wet.

2017 Pinterest Home Trends

These are the top home trends of 2017, according to Pinterest. Image: Landmark Building Inc.

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Pinetrest is an incredibly important tool for those in the interior design world — and not in the way you might think. In addition to being a platform for image sharing, it uses its data to position itself as a leader in trend forecasting. Every year, the site releases its “Top 100,” a billboard ranking of trends across multiple industries. We’ve got the scoop on the top 2107 Pinterest Home trends. Consider this post your ultimate guide on this year’s most re-pinned looks.

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What do you think of these 2017 Pinterest home trends? Which do you agree with and which do you hope will fade by next year? Share your thoughts in the comments — and don’t hold back!

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