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Late Summer Trend: ‘Pineapple Fever’ Wall Murals by Pixers

In the 18th century, the pineapple was a rare, expensive delicacy, a status symbol of wealth and often the centerpiece of a feast. Displaying or serving pineapple showed that guests were honored. This symbolism continues today, and pineapples can often be found carved as gateposts and staircase finials and incorporated into wooden furniture.

With Pixers‘ new collection of wall murals, Pineapple Fever, this beautiful fruit awakens memories of a golden age in design, when vivid colors were a must-have in every house and when eccentric motifs headlined every stylish living room.

With this collection Pixers encourages us to indulge in a playful pineapple decor. It also recalls the climate of the 1960s, when such fruity, bold, lush patterns were highly fashionable.

We love the combinations of colors (beige, bright yellow, purple and baby blue backgrounds) and patterns available, as well as the positive associations they generate. These whimsical murals bring to mind warm days of summer, beams of sun and tropical landscapes. Moreover, they are a good fit for modern, minimalist interiors, where they can instantly add personality. Photography and information provided via e-mail by Pixers.

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