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Limestone Home in Spain Creates Seamless Living Space

Foraster Architects designed this 7,000-square-foot house for a small family looking to create a home that was uniquely theirs. Located near Bilbao, Spain, the home is named Casa en la Bilbanía.

The homeowners played a large role in its design, from top to bottom. Both the walls and the floors are constructed of limestone; the soft texture of the natural stone gives the home a sleek and polished appearance.


The unique framework of this home, as the architect described, “consists of two prisms flat on the floor and another perpendicular resting on those. This increases the surface of the facade facing south.” On the main floor, this open-concept area holds the kitchen, dining room and children’s playroom, while the larger prisms hold the living room and library.

The living room features a double-height ceiling, making this area a focal space in the home and allowing for an abundance of natural light. The high ceilings also allow for the statement spiral staircase, a must-have for the homeowners, which sweeps to the second floor in a soft curve.


The outside living space is key to the social aspect of this home. A patio takes advantage of the walk-out living room and large backyard, joined by several gardens for the homeowners to grow herbs and vegetables. The segmented design of the home allows the formation of a variety of outdoor spaces.

The basement level houses a home gym and utility areas. It receives natural light from an English garden. This limestone home also includes several sustainable practices, including hot water powered by solar panels. [Photographs courtesy of Joseba Bengoetxea]



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