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Minimalist Home in Taiwan with Open Mezzanine

HAO Design gave their clients’ traditional 2.5 story home in Pingtung City a minimalist makeover. The finished design, called Blank, has a light and airy feel due to its large windows and open mezzanine. Moreover, white walls and an uncluttered interior make the space feel even larger than its 1700-square feet.

The mezzanine space has only a few pieces of carefully chosen décor. HAO Design selected a desk with pops of turquoise and three beautiful stones in varying shades of light gray.

Turqoise Desk

Gray Stones

Downstairs, the design team opened up the space by pulling its wooden block staircase to the back of the house where the original kitchen had been. The new kitchen has open storage on floating shelves and just a few cabinets, showing off the residents’ minimalist lifestyle.

The master bedroom and open bath upstairs have all the contemporary touches of the downstairs space, but with a cozier vibe. This is especially true in the bathroom. Its wooden plank walls, skylight, and greenery make the space truly serene. [Photography by Hey!Cheese and information courtesy of ArchDaily]

Bathroom Spa


Wooden bathroom

Spiral Stair

Open Space

Open shelving


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