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Modular Floating Home Lets You Live on the Water Anywhere

With the tiny-home movement more popular than ever, architects are coming up with increasingly creative ways to live both luxuriously and sustainably. For so many seeking small homes, location is just as important as the abode itself.

That’s where Portuguese engineering company Friday saw an opportunity to create a modular floating home that’s on the water and off the grid. Whether for a weekend getaway for a group of friends or a private residence for a couple, Floatwing offers a unique way to live sustainably.

This modern houseboat is constructed of eco-friendly materials and produces a very low impact on the environment. Like so many tiny homes, Floatwing is widely customizable. There are four structural configurations, and the interior provides a variety of layout options.


While the width is fixed at 20 feet, the length of the interior space can range from 33 to 59 feet. It can be motorless and require towing to move from location to location, or can include up to two outboard motors powered partially or fully by solar power, moving the home at up to 3.5 mph.

Combining form and function, the design has more innovation than meets the eye. When fully charged, the home can cast off and remain self-sufficient for at least a week, supplying power for both the motors and onboard appliances.

In just six months, it can produce up to 100 percent of its annual energy demand through solar and photovoltaic panels. What’s more, the entire design is modular, so it can be stored, transported and built almost anywhere.


The plywood lining the interior offers a Scandinavian-style simplicity that complements the serene water surroundings. Owners have the option to include a pellet stove that burns biomass or compressed wood, which encourages year-round living in Floatwing.

Floor-to-ceiling windows take full advantage of the views and retract to create seamless living between the indoor and deck spaces. An additional deck is on the rooftop.

Floatwing gives people an opportunity to live on the water without having to compromise sustainability or style. Whether as a short-term getaway or a permanent home, it’s an innovative, dreamy place to be. What do you think of this home? [Images courtesy of Friday]




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