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Ornate Home in Italy Contrasts Modern Pieces with Palatial Rooms

Diff.Studio’s design for this ornate home in Italy layers contemporary style over a classic, rococo backdrop. The end product is an exquisite blend of pieces that reflect the passage of time.

The old architecture of the living room featured beautiful vaulted ceilings and windows that give the room a bright, airy feel. The suspended lights that adorn this ceiling feel soft and romantic, made of freeform muslin cloth petals by Hive. They provide a stunning contrast with the metallic gold lights on either side of the fireplace.


The design team used light hues with accents in rich jewel-tone colors. Emerald sofas at the center of the living room draw attention in the white room, rooting the space in contemporary style. Emerald perfectly complements the gold plating that artfully lines the walls in one corner.

Black graffiti on a mirror adjoined to the marble fireplace makes for a cool DIY addition. It is a striking example of the contract between old and new seen throughout the space.

Color contrast

Deep, wine red walls in the dining room play elegantly with the light blue hues in the table vases and the wall mural. The mural’s dominant painted face has classic features that resemble Michelangelo’s David.

Above the dining room table, two golden chandeliers by Delightfull connect this room to the ornate style of the home. [Photography and information courtesy of Diff.Studio]

Wall mural

Orante lights

Emerald sofas


Side shot

Side room


Bathroom 2


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