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Paris Loft Features Unusual Glass Volume

Cut Architectures completed an inspiring apartment in Paris displaying a creative layout and design scheme. According to the architects, the Glass and Walnut Loft was conceived to fit the busy social life of its owners. It offers an open-plan living space, combining a living room, kitchen, dining room and study.

The two-story apartment’s larger ground floor gets plenty of natural light from both the street and the courtyard. A curved glass volume extends the transparency of the main space while also offering privacy, thanks to integrated curtains following the curved glass. This unconventional space serves as both a study and a guest room.
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Walnut covers the raised floor and dropped ceiling of this enclosed room, as well as the kitchen’s countertops. At the rear of the Paris loft, a curved wall hides the master bedroom, bathrooms, laundry room and raw-steel staircase.

Next to the curved glass volume is a giant broom-like feature. We imagine that it serves a decorating function while also hiding something from sight. Whatever it is, we like its look and are curious to hear your opinion.
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“At the back of the space, a curved wall matches the curved glass wall, hiding the master bedroom, the toilets and the laundry, as well as a large staircase leading to the top floor dedicated to the children,” the architects explain.

“Built out of raw steel, the staircase and its extended intermediate landing platform offer a quiet and comfortable space to read, nap, watch TV or play video games.” Enjoy the virtual tour! [Information provided by Cut Architectures; photography by David Foessel]

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