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Pick of the Litter: 40 Modern Pet Products for the Design Fanatic

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If you’re a design purist, the everyday dog bowl or cat scratcher doesn’t work in your modernist home. But wait till you see this roundup of some of the most gorgeous and innovative modern pet products. They mix two of your favorite things: good modern design and your favorite furry (or feathered) friend.

Modern pet bowls

The Pet Lounge Curved Double Diner is made from contemporary white acrylic, $69.

modern cat feeding bowls -

An Asian zen dining table for kitty by ViviPet, $60, including a spot for fresh catnip.

contemporary pet products and modern pet bowls -

This pet wall feeder looks like it floats and can be hung at the best height for your dog or cat. Image: MDeluxe

modern pet products -

Fell Pet makes modern pet products with a colorful twist, like this HiLo Duo Pet Feeder available at Bed Bath & Beyond, $27.

Cool cat scratchers

SucK UK cool turntable cat scratcher -

Turn cat scratch fever into Saturday Night Fever with the Suck UK cat scratcher on Amazon, $27. Image: suck UK

mid century modern pet products -

Here’s a mid-century modern furniture piece your cat is welcome to dig into. At Modernist Cat for $480.

modern cat products -

This multipurpose cardboard cat scratcher is also a lounge. Available at Style Tails for approximately $62.

In the (modern) dog house

modern dog houses -

A mid-century modern dog house that deserves to be showcased. Fuora Flat Pack Dog House at Ultra Modern Pet, $400-$550.

modern dog house -

A contemporary wood chalet for your best friend by Forma Italia, $2,350.

midcentury modern dog houses -

A mid-century modern doghouse you’d want to live in, too. Order yours from architects Alejandro and Sara Pijuan at PDW.

modern dog house ideas -

Rah Design will create a custom architectural work of art, complete with your dog’s name on the front door, for $3,650, like the model shown.

For the birds

modern bird cage -

A clear, minimalist and contemporary Bird Habitat by Bergan, $73.

contemporary bird cage -

The Rocking Bird Cage by Chimere is for the avant garde design fan (and their birds).

contemporary bird houses -

One part table, one part bird habitat and one part contemporary masterpiece, Architect Gregoire de Lafforest’s Archibird is available by special order at Galerie Gosserez Paris.

Small space modern cat perches and activities

wall mounted cat towers -

If you’re cramped for space, wall mount a cubist-style Catissa Pet Tower, approximately $520.

modern cat beds -

Create a warm and cozy spot for your favorite feline by hanging a Bamboo Cat Furniture Radiator Bed, $38.

modern pet furniture -

Cats (and dogs) love nooks. The Librato Divider by Petsmood is not only a modern multi-level pet nook, it also works as a cool room divider for lofts or open spaces.

Modern cat trees -

Stack a set or two of the Katris Modular Cat Tree, $197 and up, to create a modern geometric cat perch. Customize further by painting it.

window cat lounge -

Turn a window into a kitty lounge for the ultimate bird watching experience with the EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill, $17.

modern cat perches -

Catastrophic Creation’s Cat Perch for $158 will turn an ordinary wall into a contemporary entertainment center.

modern pet furniture -

A minimalist design cat exercise wheel by One Fast Cat, $199, that’s available in several colors.

Modern pet beds and lounges

modern pet beds and modern pet products -

Tired of sharing your sofa? Get your dogs or cats their own, like this Keira Pet Bed …read more      

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