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Singing Sands is a Harmonious Design

Constructed by Don Tankersley Construction and designed by Jones Studio, Singing Sands is an Oregon residence located on Cannon Beach. This 2011 house exemplifies working with the environment to create an artistic and comfortable living space.

The home is anchored around a small courtyard. The home encircles this private space with a sweeping, wave-like roof that mimics the crest and fall of ocean waves, creating an intimate half-oculus shape.


Of course, no beach front property would be complete without a view of the sun setting over the Pacific. The floor to ceiling windows grant a transparency and openness to the first floor. A honey colored interior, according to the designers, deliberately mimics the warmth of an old seaside village, allowing views of the ocean with protection within a familiar space.


Floor to ceiling windows that crescendo into a peaked gable add drama and height, but a tall cedar privacy fence creates boundaries around the private courtyard, landscaped with native plants and vegetation.




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