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The Best Home Security System to Protect You and Your Home

There’s no doubt that we at Freshome love helping you enhance your home’s aesthetics. From eye-popping wall art to dynamite floor selections, we believe your home should make you proud. However, we also know that a home is more than just a collection of things. A home is the one constant in life, where one should always have a sense of safety and security.

Unfortunately, the reality is that there will always be people looking to disrupt that security. While we can’t change the way of the world, we can take steps to protect our belongings and the people we love against malcontent.

Thanks to the rapid increase of innovative technology in recent years, protecting your home with a security system is cheaper and more accessible than ever. However, making the right decision on which company you should trust to protect everything you love can be a real headache. At times, it seems easier (and more fun) to simply go with Kevin McCallister’s Home Alone security plan.

Thankfully, we at Freshome understand the importance of safeguarding what’s most important to you. After poring over piles of reviews and rankings, reviewing official United States that is easy to relocate, and the latter will likely look for a more professional, anchored approach.

Contrary to popular belief, I found that the super-rich aren’t your typical criminal’s primary target. In fact, the most burglarized households in the United States make an average income of $35K a year. In other words, those less likely to be able to afford a comprehensive security system are at a higher risk.

This revelation immediately altered my approach from finding the “best security system,” to finding the “best security system for those who need it.” While there may well be million-dollar security systems capable of creating a minefield of infrared lasers to snatch up even the sneakiest of burglars, ultimately these solutions don’t help those most likely to be in the crosshairs. Frontpoint strikes the perfect balance between cutting edge technology, unmatched customer service, and reasonable prices.

Other home security systems to consider

While Frontpoint was the clear winner for the best overall home security system, I found in my research that other companies excelled in key categories, and may be more appealing to customers with specific needs. Furthermore, if you are considering a DIY home security system, be sure to check out our best DIY Home Security System review.

The Best Affordable Home Security System

Protect America
Click Here to Visit Protect America Website

Can you say, “No up-front charges?” With an extremely reasonable starting monthly fee of $19.99, free start-up equipment, and a free relocation kit, Protect America is easily the best security system in its price range. Possibly best of all, the installation is completely DIY, ditching the “cable-guy factor” offered by a company like ADT. The only thing holding this company back from the number one spot is that its most affordable packages don’t offer the convenience of cellular monitoring.

The Best Home Security System for Relocating

Click Here to Visit Simplisafe Website

Life happens, as do relocations, which could spur headaches for security system owners. Thankfully, there’s Simplisafe. Simplisafe costs a bit more than others up front, but after the initial cost, you actually own the equipment. To boot, Simplisafe offers extremely affordable monthly monitoring, and ditches landlines and wall holes for a 100 percent wireless service, making it the clear choice for the frequent mover.

The Home Security System with the Best Tech

Click Here to Visit Vivint Website

Although it’s not quite like something out of a Bond movie, Vivint definitely features some of the best out-of-the-box technology in the industry. Including a touchscreen control center, 100 percent wireless sensors, cellular phone monitoring at all price points, and optional Z-Wave technology, which helps you regulate and manage your home’s energy usage). All in all, Vivint is pricier than the competition, but offers professional installation on one of the most technologically advanced systems, remaining a great option for those who can afford it.

A full review of the best home security system


Regardless of our income, we all deserve to feel secure in our own homes. The necessity of peace of mind cannot be oversold in today’s world, and your home security should give you the same sense of stability as the four walls around you.

Despite a plethora of excellent competitive options for home security systems, Frontpoint truly stood above the crowd from the get go. From its acclaimed customer service, to its DIY installation and cellular based system, Frontpoint proved itself to be the premier option for home security, while still remaining affordable.

From the beginning, I placed a lot of weight on each company’s customer service. In the case of a false-alarm tripping, or especially in the case of a break-in, the last thing you want is a difficult or even argumentative person on the other side. Frontpoint’s defining attribute is its customer service consistently ranked heads above the competition. In fact, I’ve never seen as much unanimous positivity for one company on the internet in my life.

It’s not all about the customer service, though. A security company has to put its money where its mouth is and offer protection at a sensible price. Frontpoint follows through, offering the most comprehensive and technologically advanced system in its price point on the market. By offering fully wireless cellular DIY installations and a free relocation kit, Frontpoint is able to offer the same technology as a company like Vivint does, at around half of the price.

In the age of the dying landline, it was imperative that the best company offer a cellular solution to home security. Not only does Frontpoint offer 100 percent wireless and cellular security at all price points, its top two price tiers have a built-in a failsafe, called “Crash and Smash Protection,” to keep criminals from tampering with your security center and impeding …read more      

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