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The Best of Freshome: Top 10 Posts of 2015

Is it any wonder that the story on this amazing loft was our No. 1 post of the year?

What a year 2015 has been! Amid all the terrorist attacks, natural disasters and political posturing, it’s tempting to want to hunker down in our homes. After all, they’re our safe havens, our shelters from the storm — the places that house our families, pets and belongings.

It makes sense, then, that we put a lot of time and effort into our homes, creating spaces to relax, unwind, play, sleep, eat and entertain. It’s where we get away from it all. So why not make it the place we love the most?

This is what we strive to do at Freshome: Provide you with the ideas and inspiration you need to make the most of your home. 2015 was our biggest year of growth since our founder, Micle Mihai-Cristian, started his humble blog in 2007. Not only have we posted hundreds of new articles this year, we also launched the really captured your attention. Owner/builder/web designer Alek Lisefski recently relocated his 160-square-foot modern home from Northern California to Austin, Texas, towing the tiny house 1,900 miles.


9. If you’re married to an interior designer, you’ll no doubt recognize your spouse in this story. Designers tend to take “bringing their work home with them” to a whole new level. But if your closet is arranged by color and you have more pillows than sheets on your bed, you already knew that.


8. OK, so it’s obvious that you love beautiful homes. Are you smart? Hard-working? A creative thinker? If so, you might consider a career in architecture. See if you have what it takes; read 10 signs that you should become an architect.


7. This semi-detached house in Singapore had you swooning over its unconventional split volume. The architects separated and pulled the main building away from the party wall, aesthetically liberating the house from its neighbor and adding light to the interiors.


6. The family in this joyful attic apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden, lives large despite its relatively small footprint (915 square feet). It’s a great example of how to use every nook and cranny wisely — and a reminder that style is by no means relative to living space.


5. When was the last time that chair acted like a chair rather than a coat rack? Does your home always seem to be cluttered and messy? In case you missed it, our 50 creative home organization ideas will show you all kinds of storage spaces you never even knew existed.


4. This modern two-room apartment is also in Gothenburg. The surprisingly spacious home in a turn-of-the-century building preserves several original elements yet feels contemporary, thanks to its bright, open kitchen and creative lighting and storage.


3. We seem to have a collective fascination with shipping containers — specifically, those that have been repurposed into incredible dwellings. These well-designed shipping container homes from around the globe will have you thinking inside the box.


2. Although it’s only 1,120 square feet, this duplex in Gothenburg offers acres of Scandinavian charm. The old building’s quirky angles and arched windows combined with harbor views and modern finishes make it among the most inspiring homes we’ve featured.


1. And now, our most popular story of 2015: Did you happen to catch the spectacular conversion of a former caviar warehouse in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood? The architect turned the 3,000-square-foot top floor and roof of an 1884 building into a loft space that you have to see to believe (hint: it has a retractable glass roof).

We hope you’ve enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. Did we include your favorite articles from the past year? What kinds of stories would you like to see in 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

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