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Top Designers and Architects Speak: What’s In and Out in Home Design Trends for 2018

Ready to access the design hive mind? 1stdibs, the global marketplace for dealers and collectors of home design pieces, polled 40,000 of the world’s top interior designers and architects to predict what’s in and what’s out in home design trends for 2018.

Research firm Surveys & Forecasts, LLC took the responses and tabulated them to find out what home design trends will dominate in 2018, what 2017 trends are on the way out and the most common mistakes clients make when redesigning a space. Here are the highlights:

What’s out for 2018

Minimalism will be minimized

An ultra-minimalist space in Tel Aviv. Image: Toledano Architects

The most surprising findings in the survey is that minimalism, which has been a favorite look for so long, is out. According to the survey, the look is down 3% from 2017 and designers will be looking to other styles for 2018. Here’s more:

White is no longer “having a moment”

All-white design is no longer on-trend, according to a survey of 40,000 interior designers and architects. Image: Home Designing

White interiors have been popular for so long many thought it would be a classic by now. But the survey found that designers and architects are planning to add more complexity in both color and details, making the all-white room treatments a thing of the past.

Millennial pink is over

millennial pink is out

Millennial pink adds a feminine feel to a room setting. Image: The Chriselle Factor

It had a short run in popularity, perhaps because of the catchy name. It’s really not a bad shade of pink. But designers and homeowners don’t want to hear the term again — or see the soft blush shade in their home, unless it’s in a little girl’s bedroom.

Metal finishes are a thing of the past

A room setting featuring mixed metals in golds, silver and rose gold. Image: The Chriselle Factor

The vintage-inspired vibes of mixing lots of brass, gold and rose golds will be relinquished back to the past. Architects and designers think they indulged in too much of a good thing when they encouraged mixed metals and an abundance of the finishes.

What’s in for home design trends in 2018

So what will designers and architects be replacing the out list with? Here are the favorite home design trends for 2018, according to the 40,000 design pros polled.

Vibrant color will replace light neutrals

home design trends 2018

Teal blue is a popular replacement color for white. Image: Brandon Barre

home design trends 2018

Richer colors and jewel tones add warmth and a fresh look to spaces for 2018 and beyond. Image: BTL Property London

It’s hard to get 40,000 designers to agree. But 26% said that vibrant jewel tones will be hot for 2018. Teal, eggplant and emerald green topped the list. You might see bolder tones sneaking in slowly, with accessories or a single focal point. Rich and saturated will definitely be more common. As for white and pale grays, they will fade in style.

A more complex, textured contemporary style

home design trends 2018

The new contemporary features more layering, texture, color and individual style. Image: Sisalla

An overwhelming 65% of designers and architects prefer contemporary design projects for 2018. But it will be different this time. Geometric patterns (mentioned by 24%), florals (32%) and layered textures will be incorporated to make contemporary design warmer and unique.

Softer, more tactile and organic surfaces

Softer, organic surfaces and warmer, richer colors will freshen up what most recognize as contemporary style. Image: L Works

Velvet and stone are the top choices and on the rise by 12% as designers look to create warmer, more inviting interiors for their clients.

Top client mistakes

In addition to being asked what’s in and what’s out for 2018, designers were asked about their experiences with clients. The top mistakes they felt the clients made included:

1. Not trusting their designers (44%). Most designers said they wished their client would invest in a quality sofa or a dining table instead of lots of small items, which leads to the second mistake…

2. Choosing cheaper, poor-quality furniture and home accents in an attempt to buy many things for less.

3. Being afraid to follow their own individual styles instead of following trends.

Conclusion: What’s In and What’s Out — Home Design Trends for 2018

To keep it simple, here are what architects, designers and homeowners think will be in and out for 2018:





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